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We have been building Whatprice.co.uk for you, the consumer. The goal of Whatprice is to provide the public with a platform to share information about the cost of living in the UK.

It's not easy to get someone in to do work in your house or garden. Many people pay too much money for electrical, plumbing or building work. Whatprice is designed to help people share experiences on how much their home improvements or repairs cost, so you have a better idea what a fair price is.

Home Categories Details of Home Category Example Home Pricing Page Example Home Article Page
Building Costs and advice on making building improvements and repairs to your home including house extension or building cost calculatorsBuilding Prices How to build a loft conversion
ConservatoryThis section looks at all aspects of buying a conservatory, from how to get the right price all the way through to maintaining your Conservatory temperature in summer and winterConservatory Prices Conservatory Cooling
DecoratingExample prices for common decorating jobs as well as a whole host of decorating articles Room Painting Calculator Paint, Tiles and Wallpaper sizes to use
Electrician Prices for electrical jobs and electrician charges around the house Electrician Prices Electrical Consumer Unit
HouseholdArticles give helpful advice on some common household maintenance issues as well as pricing information on many household maintenance jobs.Household Refurbishment DIY a Kitchen
PlumbingPlumbing prices and help in a plumbing emergency Plumbing Prices Cental Heating Costs
SecuritySecurity tips for keeping your home safe and secure Security Prices How to Protect Your Home
UtilitiesPrices on gas, electricity and water bills Typical Electricity Bills Reduce Your Water Bill
Home ForumHome Improvement Forum Double Glazing Cost Conservatories

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Latest Articles: Disclaimer
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Home Conservatory Adding a conservatory to your home can pay for itself and add value... 2011-11-24
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Insurance In this day and age its possible to insure almost any aspect of your life.... 2011-10-26

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"London central heating for your home and business is a necessity if you want to remain comfortable in the capital. No one can do without good and efficient central heating in London and yet we will often make do with outdated and inefficient systems that cost us far more to run than they should do. With the cost of our utilities it is worthwhile investigating the savings that you could make by upgrading your current system to a more economical and greener alternative. New boilers and even more efficient radiators can make a huge difference to your home and cost you surprisingly less than you would expect."


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Mike simon

"I agree with Donnell . Thanks for your valuable tips on how to deal with the vandor and sales men. Certainly it is too easy to waste money on temporary fixes. Yes one should not depend upon the Yellow Pages or advertisements to choose a supplier, as it really sucks later. Thanks to the FENSA accreditation which helps to check that all "


"do the figures shown include the materials"


"great website :) very good at finding things"

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"Very helpful. Could a web site be set up to challenge the exorbitant charges?"

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