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How To Use Our Tables

The highlighted tables below, and the desciptions of the highlighted sections should help you understand how the system work, and more importantly, explain how to enter your own data correctly.

Category and Description
Units and Price
Your Price

Category Description Unit Price YourPrice Info
Category and Description- Gives the general item in question, and a bit more detail about it.
Category Description Unit Price YourPrice Info

Units and Price- The units thats the pricing given is based on. For example a significant portion of the entrys contain 'per m2'calculate the total cost simply multiply the pricing given by the area of the item (in square metres) in question.

Category Description Unit Price YourPrice Info

Your Price - This section has been included so that you can add your own information to our database and help improve the accuracy of the information that we can supply to people.

There are two main ways you can submit information using these tables:

Firstly you can scroll down the table until you find a Category and Description that corresponds to the information that you want to submit. Then you simply enter the relevant Price (based on the Units given (see 'Units and Price' for details), and then click the submit button. You can enter more than one item at a time if you wish.

Secondly if there isn't a Category or Description that satisfactorily fits the information that you want to submit than use the larger input boxes underneath the table headings to create your own Category and Description etc... Just enter the information as you see fit, and click the 'submit' button; simple!

Category Description Unit Price YourPrice Info
Info - This column will occasionally contain a link labeled as either 'info' or 'buy', in both cases if you click on the link then a small pop up window will appear with addional information for you. In the case of the link being 'info' then it will contain greater detail on the Category you are interested in, either telling you a bit more about the item or giving you a break down of the costs that we have for it. If you click on 'buy' then the pop-up will give you details and links of where you can buy such an item from.

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