What is Whatprice all about?

The idea behind whatprice.co.uk is to create a searchable online database detailing prices for certain jobs or services, either by employing tradesmen, or by doing the job yourself. To create such a database is a big task, a big big task! A task which could be made a lot easier if you were to help out! So basically we are asking people to email us with any information they can on what they have paid for services in the past, be it that decorator, plumber or builder.

We do appreciate that each and every job is generally different, with lots of individual requirements. However please don't be put of submitting any information just because you feel your situation was unique, or you managed to get a 'special' deal through bargaining or other means. This database is not intended to give a hard and fast prices, it is supposed to be used as a starting point so that people can get a rough idea of how much they should be paying.

So send us your experiences (Good or Bad), tell us what you've had done around the house, what you did yourself, what you employed someone to do, how much it cost, and what you did to get it so cheap (or why it was so expensive)!

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