Cement Mixer

Cement Mixers - A Guide

A cement mixer - the more appropriate name is a concrete mixer - performs the function of mixing cement, water and either gravel or sand to make concrete. A revolving drum is used in the cement mixer to properly mix these components, A portable cement mixer gives the needed time for the construction workers to use it, before it becomes hard.

To build a foundation for a home, shed or garage or repair a building or a sidewalk, the right kind of cement mixer should be used to ensure the job is executed properly.

Use A Mobile Cement Mixer To Mix Concrete

The mobile concrete dispenser or mobile cement mixer is used for batching concrete into several areas such as sidewalks. The amount of concrete can be properly controlled by using the mobile cement mixer. Extra water is not needed to mix cement in mobile cement mixers.

The stationary or immobile cement mixer or concrete dispenser as the name implies, is fixed in a central location while the concrete is manufactured. It is used mostly in pre-casting for building projects in remote locations where a large project is to be executed.

New Technologies For Concrete and Cement Mixer

The increasing demand for ready-mix concrete with short mixing times meant for industrial production, resulted in new technologies in concrete production. Using cement mixers, batch mixing with twin-shafts with only thirty- seconds of mixing time per batch are possible now. Find more info at www. http://just-mixers.info

Delivery of ready-mix concrete from the factory or plant to the construction yard is made by a cement mixer, which is part of special transport trucks with a spiral blade fitted to overcome the tipping of large drums attached to the concrete truck. Continuous rotating cement mixers completely mix the concrete, and using its own hydraulic link cylinder empties the concrete without leaving any residue in the drum.

Portable cement mixers have wheels and are provided with a towing tongue, which a motor vehicle can pull around. The electric power for the rotation of the cement mixer can be supplied by the mains. A lever in the portable cement mixer enables the concrete to be tipped into a wheelbarrow.

It is not financially a good idea to buy a new concrete mixer for a small project, it is much simpler and of course cheaper to hire one from any leasing company.

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