Types of Watches

Which Watch For You?

Everybody perceives watches in his own way. For one person it's a device to know the time, for other it's a visiting card, a key to the world of rich and famous. Unbelievably high price and a famous brand tell about prosperity of a watch owner. For a great number of people expensive watches is an indispensable element of their style.

But every watch, no matter what kind it is, has a small accurate mechanism inside. Depending on it, watches can be divided into two types: mechanical and watches that show the time with the help of a battery. Watches with a battery can be electronic (without hands, only numbers), quartz (look as mechanical but instead of a driving spring they have a small electric motor) and analogous digital watches that in someway combine a digital display and "old" hands.

How Watches Work

Mechanic Watches

Mechanic watches are watches with a spring mechanism that needs hand winding up. Because of its technical characteristics mechanic watches are not as accurate as electronic or quartz watches.

But despite this fact nowadays namely mechanic watches become a symbol of prestige of its wearer. Their price is usually higher than quartz watches price.

Automatic Watches

Automatic watches are mechanical watches with an automatic winding up function. If you wear your watch regularly (8 hours per day will be enough) there's no need for winding it up. But if you haven't worn your watch for some time, you should wind it up by hand.

A rather big weakness of automatic watches is big thickness of the mechanism that influences its shape. It's especially important if we regard watches for ladies.

Quartz Watches

Quartz watches have a quartz crystal as a vibration system. Though electronic watches are also quartz, they usually say "quartz watches" only speaking about electro mechanic watches.

Quartz watches are most convenient in usage because there's no necessity to wind them up or worry that they'll stop if you don't wear it for a couple of days. A battery is a source of energy for this watch; it is intended for several years of working.

Quartz crystal provides high accuracy of movement. But quartz is subject to wear that's why with time quartz watches began to be fast.

Quartz mechanism peculiarities allow creating thinner and lighter watches, but some people like pleasant weight on the wrist. Moreover, quartz mechanism permit producers to create everything they want with watch design. It's possible to make it small, three-cornered or zigzag, letter-shaped, cross-shaped, crescent-shaped etc.

Electronic Watches

Electronic watches basis is a chip, its work is provided by batteries. With the special signals time, (in some watch models date, month and week day) is shown on the display.

As well as cars Swiss watches are divided into classes: lower, middle and high. Moreover, watches can be classic, sporty, complicated and collection. An unwritten rule says that a serious man should have at least three watches. A classic watch for office, sporty for outdoor activity and complicated - for black tie events. And finally, a collection - for soul.

Different Watch Designs

Classic Watches

They are right for everybody, and are useful in any situation. It's considered to be a norm to wear it during working time. Classic watches are distinguished by quiet design approved by time.

As a rule, a classic watch case is round; a leather wristlet is dark brown or black.

Complicated Watch

A complicated watch is first of all a mechanical watch that has one or more additional complicated mechanic functions. For instance these are a tourbillion, a repeater, an eternal calendar, a chronograph etc.

A tourbillion is one of the most complicated things. It's so beautiful that it's often left visible.

Sporty Watches

A sporty watch has not only modern sporty design but has some other useful characteristics.

Durable materials are used to create it. Sporty watches are always water-resistant. They are usually massive with wide bracelets.

Ladies Watches

Watches for ladies differ from male watches not only by size. For women more important is how their watches look but not what kind of mechanism is inside.

Diversity of forms, bracelets, wristlets, colors can make any woman more attractive and unique.

Jewelry Watches

A jewelry watch is not for everyday wear. People wear them just for special occasions, theatres, and concerts. Jewelry watches are mainly made of precious stones.

More often it is gold of different coloring: yellow, white, pink. Sometimes platinum and other noble metals are used. The second important component - precious stones: diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires. And the third component of course is great Swiss mechanism.

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