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Finding Perfect Area Rugs Makes Home Decorating Easy

One of the most inexpensive and rewarding ways of home decorating is by purchasing the perfect area rugs to complement or enhance rooms, entrances, halls, and your home office. There are unlimited choices in style, pattern, color and color combinations, and suitable sizes and shapes available. If you have your heart set on a really bizarre size or shape, you can even have a rug custom-made. Forget tearing down walls, slopping paint around, furnishing the rooms with new and expensive furniture items, or investing in wall-to wall carpets and new flooring. Spice up drab interiors, change the decor, add a focal point, hide worn spots on carpets and floors, and create warmth, comfort, and special effects by finding the perfect rugs - home decorating can really be that simple.

Spice It Up With a Rug

If there are no patterns in the fabric used for drapes and upholstery, or in the wallpaper in the room, life is simple. Richly patterned rugs can make a dramatic statement and you can pick anything that appeals to you.

When the colors are muted or earth toned (e.g., beige, brown, rust, green), you can add rugs with brilliant and wild contrasting colors.

Hanging rugs on the wall, such as beautiful oriental carpets, can add exciting accents to a room. If you can't afford an authentic oriental, there are gorgeous reproductions available.

If your floors and carpets look worn and boring, you can lay a big area rug or runners right over top of the carpet or the warn hardwood. Remember to leave the same amount of open floor space or carpet on all four sides of a large rug, or, at the very least, two opposite sides, unless the major piece of furniture (e.g., the bed in the bedroom) is not centered.

An interesting feature in the middle of a carpet can be very attractive, such as a medallion or a scene, but if the center will be partially hidden by furniture (e.g., under a coffee table), go with repeating patterns or strong borders.

More Home Decorating Tips

If there are intricate patterns already in a room, it is a good idea to choose rugs in solid or monochromatic colors (different shades and tones of the same color), rather than patterned, or pick a rug pattern that coordinates well - probably something very simple with subdued colors.

When there are many colors already in the room, you should pick out one or two (or more) to repeat in the rug. The colors don't need to match perfectly, but should be similar, and if you are not sure you can do this satisfactorily, select muted tones or subdued earth colors.

If you are going to use more than one rug in a room keep these ideas in mind: You should buy rugs of different shapes such as a square with an oval. If you want the same shapes (e.g. both rectangular), it is wise to purchase different sizes; for example, a 6- x 9-foot island carpet can be used to unify a conversational grouping in the living room area and an 8- by 8-foot-rug placed under the dining room furniture. Also, make sure the colors and patterns don't clash. Some manufacturers produce rug combinations to make this job easier for you.

Choices of Rugs Available

The prices of rugs vary a lot but you can find cheap area rugs and wholesale rugs online, which is an easier way to shop than running around to all the stores in your town that sell rugs and other interior decorating products.

Wool area rugs are always the most expensive, but because they are so durable and attractive, they are a good investment. You can find good quality rugs in less expensive natural fibers and in synthetic materials, too.

Contemporary rugs look great in modern houses and add excitement to more traditional decors. Country styled braided rugs can add warmth and old-world charm; oriental rugs work in any setting. In fact, you can build a room decor around any style, and find the perfect style for any room decor. Let your imagination run wild.

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