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Hydroponics Gardening - How to Grow Flowers and Vegetables with Minimal Time and Effort

Did you know that you can still grow your own beautiful flowers and vegetable plants, without having to spend many hours every week looking after your garden?

One of the biggest problems many gardeners face is never having enough time to maintain their garden and plants. There's always weeds to remove, insects and other pests to take care of, and steps to take to prevent plants becoming diseased. Even watering the garden each day can be very time consuming, unless there's an automatic sprinkler system in place.

If you want a garden but only have limited time to look after it, hydroponics is a great option. Hydroponics gardening has many time-saving advantages over conventional gardening methods.

Hydroponics Gardening Advantages:

1. No weeding required.

With hydroponics gardening, the plants are grown in a solution of nutrients dissolved in water instead of soil. You don't have to worry about weeds sprouting amongst your plants, because soil isn't used.

2. Fewer problems with pests and diseases.

When growing hydroponically, you have less of the typical problems with pests such as slugs, snails and caterpillars attacking your plants.

Although the nutrient solution of your hydroponic garden will have to be changed regularly, this only takes a fraction of the time compared to conventional gardening maintenance - eg. greenhouse gardening, where soil has to be replaced between crops to prevent disease.

3. You don't need to spend time watering your plants.

Plants grown in a hydroponic garden have an unlimited supply of water. You never need to be concerned that your plants are getting too much or too little water.

4. Say goodbye to digging your garden.

Preparation of a conventional garden involves loosening the soil to add oxygen for the plant's roots to extract. Once again, as soil isn't used with hydroponics, this means one less time consuming job for you to do.

Hydroponics Gardening and How Plants Survive ...

Plants grown hydroponically extract oxygen from the nutrient solution via their roots. The oxygen can quite quickly be used up, so it's important that it's replaced. The way it's replaced depends on which system is used. The most common hydroponic system is the passive system, which uses an aquarium bubbler to put oxygen back into the solution.

Plants can be grown rapidly without all the concerns of regular gardening. Although a hydroponics system can take some time to set up, you'll find it's well worth the effort.

For more information on hydroponics and the advantages over regular gardening go to http://www.about-hydroponics.info/information-on-hydroponics.html

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