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The Art Of Fine Gardening

Gardening in and of itself is an art form. And the art of fine gardening is just that, an art.

Fine gardening may mean many things to many people, but to me fine gardening means more than just a garden. It encompasses all that's good and graceful in gardening and combines them to make one garden that is the epitome of all your dreams.

My enjoyment of fine gardening comes not only from the finished garden but from the endless hours that I spend designing and planning the actual garden, from the moment I first have the germ of an idea, to the moment I place the last sapling, and plant the last flower.

The Art Of Fine Gardening

All I want, all that I can be, should show through when first a person steps into this land of fine gardening, a place of peace and calm where a person can meditate on the finer things in life.

Therefore, a water feature, ideally one that will make a continuously soothing gurgle, with a small stepping-type of waterfall-cum-pond, placed on lovely slabs of flat rock with a hint of moss growing on it. A nice water lily or lotus to give off a contrasting color, and perhaps a fish or two. A few ferns and leafy rain-forest type plants placed around the pond, and I'm finished with this stage of my fine gardening.

Ideally I would love a big tree to stand in a corner of the garden, with a luscious velvety dark brown trunk that I can just about span with my arms, overflowing with vibrant green leaves spilling onto the ground in heedless abandon. Since I might not always get what I want, I'll settle instead for a few saplings that will one day fulfil my wish.

Since green is my target for the moment, I'd also see about laying a lovely shady lawn that you can sink your bare feet into when taking a turn about your garden.

Fine Gardening - The Art Of A Zen Garden

I love the idea of a Zen garden, but prefer colors and lots of plants, so I would incorporate this feature into my fine gardening efforts by placing a path, naturally made out of rough hewn stone, zigzagging in a leisurely course through the garden.

And to finish it all off I'd have a little alcove, unseen from afar, that afforded the curious visitor a wide-angled view of the whole garden, with a sun shade, and a low-lying bench with a few plump cushions strewn carelessly about, and all of it surrounded by a profusion of welcoming flowers.

In the distance I would set about placing a few boulders, pleasing in stature and color to the eye, surrounded perhaps by a few flowers.

And amidst all this fine splendor I would walk amongst my heartfelt efforts of fine gardening and sigh in satisfaction and peace. For what more is there to gardening, than the art of fine gardening.

Tomorrow's article will be on Flower Gardening - see you then!

All the Best - Ian Fleming

About The Author

Ian Fleming is an avid gardener in sub tropical Queensland, Australia.

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