Common Weeds

Common Weeds and How to Fight Them.

by: Kelly Richardson

All gardeners, from the seasoned professional to the weekend novice, hate to see the onset of weeds in the garden. Weeds threaten the very life of your prized flora and fauna. Here are some of the more common weeds found all across the nation and what you can do to stop them.

When it comes to common weeds, winning the war requires a patient and methodical approach. Pouring synthetic chemicals on your garden or lawn is not only environmentally irresponsible, but often ineffective as well. By sticking to the basics of weed control, you can restore your garden or lawn into a healthy state without breaking the bank on the latest weed-be-gone fad.

Common Weeds

* Dandelions. Pretty to look at but murder on your flowers. These perennials are found all over the US, save the southernmost regions. Dig out the entire root and use corn gluten to stop seeding.

* Sowthistle. Found primarily in lawns across the US and Canada, these perennials flower from July to October. Dig out the entire root system and add a generous helping of organic matter to the affected area.

* Crabgrass. These annuals can grow to a height of 3 feet and spread by joining root and plant stems. You must pull out the entire plant as mowing will not kill the base. Spreading corn gluten will also help against this invader.

* Poison Ivy. The toxicity of this plant makes it public enemy number one in most areas. Manifested in the form of a vine or shrub, rid yourself of this pest by cutting it at the base and letting it dry in the sun.

* Ragweed. This annual pest causes a variety of the airborne allergies for homeowners and their families. Remove ragweed from your affected area by pulling up sprouts and mowing larger clumps.

Recognzing Common Weeds

Recognizing common weeds is the first step in controlling them. For a more in depth education on common weeds and how to stop them, visit your local home and garden center.

About The Author

Kelly Richardson covers the home improvement and lawn care scenes in major cities across the country. His articles appear in educational journals, periodicals, and e-zines. For more about common weeds visit

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