Grow Garden Plants

How to Grow Plants In Your Garden

The following articles take a closer look at some of the more unusual plants, such as Bamboo and Asparagus. The articles give in depth discussions on the plants history, the varieties available, and most importantly, ways they you can grow the plants in your own home or garden.

Learn to Grow The Following Plants In Your Garden:

Asparagus Asparagus is a perennial plant with erect, edible stems and small branches that bear tiny flowers. These become red berries that contain the black Asparagus seed.

Avodaco When you're learning how to grow avocado plants, don't expect fruit. Avocado trees take up to ten years to mature enough to bear fruit and indoor grown plants rarely last for that length of time.

Bamboo Bamboo is a mysterious and elusive plant that baffles taxonomists who try to contain it within a botanical class and gardeners who try to contain it within a limited garden space as they learn how to grow bamboo.

Basil The most commonly grown basil herb is the annual, ocimum basilicum that carries a minty fragrance that smells like... well, it smells like sweet basil.

Cucumber Cucumbers come in over 120 varieties that range from small picklers to large slicers and from dark green to the yellow of the lemon cucumber. They come "burped" or burpless, seeded or without seeds.

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