Mycorrhizal Fungi

Mycorrhizal Fungi - This Years Hottest New Product for Gardeners!

by: Greg Traver

Mycrorrhizal Fungi has remained relatively unheard of except for a few serious organic gardening buffs and erosion control professionals, even though it has been around since creation.

In nature trees, plants and grasses flourish without any intervention from man. Think about that for a moment. Consider, our nations great plains, national forests and vast grasslands. How is it that things grow so well without any interference from man? Don't they understand that they are supposed to have synthetic fertilizer to grow?

Silly, I know but isn't that the way we have been told to think?

Want a great lawn? Then spray this chemical on it and make it look green really fast! Want big tomatoes? Then use this miracle growth chemical!

When what was once natural habitat has been disturbed there is a very hard time getting new trees and sod to grow much less flourish. Wonder why that is?

When top soil is stripped or cultivated, naturally occurring micro-organisms are wiped out. Vast networks of Mycrorrhizal fungi, bacteria, protozoa and nematodes are gone. The results? Newly introduced plants and turf grow stunted and weak. They become targets of disease and insect infestations otherwise known as natural selection. Nature's way of culling out the weak and ensuring the survival of the fittest.

About this time, someone gets the bright idea to spray some chemicals to make things look nicer. Dead foliage and grass clippings build up into layers of thatch because there is nothing to decompose them naturally. Waterways become polluted with Algae overgrowth d.ue to synthetic fertilizer leeching away. Both animals and humans become exposed to chemicals documented to cause numerous health issues

We've spent over forty years proving that modern chemical farming methods don't work. They destroy the very soil fertility needed for healthy growth. In turn they supply the market with produce that is practically devoid of nutrition. And just think, you get the added bonus of ingesting chemical residue from all the herbicides and pesticides!

Reintroduce Mycrorrhizal Fungi 

So what do you do? First, get your soil tested and follow the recommendations. Second, replace the missing micro-organisms by amending your soil with ‘live' compost that is rich in nutrients and then reintroducing the Mycrorrhizal Fungi back into the environment. You'll be well on your way to the most awesome produce you've ever grown!

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