Environmentally Friendly Guide

Ideas For Being Environmentally Friendly

You don't have to be a conservationist "freak" to be eco-friendly, and it doesn't have to be complicated to live an environmentally friendly lifestyle. In fact, there are so many different, simple and creative things you can do right now to help protect the planet and conserve as much as possible.

If you don't know where to start to help make Earth a better place to live for everybody-particularly future generations, here are some environmentally friendly tips to guide you.

First environmentally friendly tip - Reduce

Reducing what you buy and reducing your waste is the one of the top environmentally friendly tips. Simplify your life as much as possible and become less materialistic. In addition, switch from disposable items to reusable items-particularly diapers, dishes and razors, and switching from paper products that get thrown out to cloth ones that can be washed.

Some other "reduction"-type environmentally friendly tips include only buying what you need, buying in bulk (and then transferring into your own reusable containers), and trying to avoid creating excess trash. Finally, see what you can do to stop receiving junk mail.

Secondly, reuse. Try and reuse products and materials as much as possible before throwing them out. Hold and shop at garage sales. Donate whatever you have that you don't need. Let your younger children wear your older children's clothing. Buy good quality products that will last for a long time. Buy used and secondhand items. Reuse zip lock and sandwich bags, shopping bags, twist ties, rubber bands, boxes and more. Find creative ways to reuse everything!

Second environmentally friendly tip - Recycle

Recycling involves more than just putting your used papers into recycling bins-although that is all definitely a huge part of it. Nowadays, there are so many different materials that can be recycled. Besides paper, you can recycle newspapers, magazines and junk mail, cans and bottles, glass, styrofoam, plastic, aluminum, cardboard, even some batteries. Some other recycling tips include purchasing products made out of recycled materials, starting a compost pile, and using rechargeable batteries.

Third environmentally friendly tip - Conserve

Next, do your part to conserve. Energy and water are the two major resources you can help to conserve. The majority of environmentally friendly tips focused on energy conservation include reducing your overall energy consumption, and using your utility company's tips for saving energy in your home. Consider going with a utility company that uses renewable energy. Some specific tips include turning off all the lights when you don't need them, using cold water as much as possible, insulating your hot water heater and unplugging appliances when they're not in use.

To reduce your water consumption, keep faucets on low pressure with cold water as much as possible, turn them off when they're not in use, and run full loads of dishes and laundry on a short cycle with low water levels.

There are many other environmentally friendly tips you can incorporate into your lifestyle as well. For example, choose non-toxic, environmentally friendly household products as much possible, try eating and gardening organically, use natural body products, cancel your magazine and newspaper subscriptions and go online, pick up trash outside as you're walking and give creative, eco-friendly gifts that don't come in wrapping or packages.

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