Get Children To Behave

Why You Can't Get Your Children To Behave

You may have tried different techniques and approaches to get your children under control and behave. And if you're reading this, they probably don't really work. Your children are smart. They catch on. They see through the threats, the tricks, the bribes, and they still continue to do what they want to do. And I'm sure you also have noticed that the harder you try to get your children to behave, the worse it actually seems to get!

Be The Parent Whose Children Behave

How would you like to be that parent that actually gets strangers complimenting you at restaurants instead of being the parent that gets the dirty looks because your children do not behave? Here is how you become that parent. And way more important than getting a compliment from a stranger, this is how you will receive an enormous amount of respect from your children. And once you receive their respect, your children will do anything for you to behave. So let's get right to the root of the problem.

Parents, Are You The Reason Your Children Do Not Behave ...

Do you know why you can't always control your children? Because you can't always control yourself. What? What does that have to do with anything?

Your children learn a lot more from you, their parents,than you realize about how to behave. Do you know why your kids can get very loud and hyper at times? Because when YOU get excited or angry about something, YOU behave in a loud and hyper way as well. Don't believe me? Do this one thing to prove it to yourself. The next time you talk to somebody, notice the tone of your voice. How loud are you? Are you louder than you really need to be?

When you tell your children to do something, do they glaze over and not listen to a word you say? Frustrating, right? But notice something about yourself. When somebody talks to you, do you find that you are giving THEM your undivided attention? Or do you just give them the glaze-over, waiting for your turn to say something?

Whatever you notice about your children and the way they behave that bothers you, try changing that about yourself. But that doesn't make any sense, you may be thinking, if I want to change them, why should I change myself first? Because children will follow a parents example on how to behave. When you tell your child to do something and give them the old, "because I said so," are they convinced? No. Should they be convinced just because you say so? Of course not. Be the positive example, and trust me, they will follow it.

It all comes down to drama. Do you really want parenting to be a huge drama? Do you really want it to be difficult? Learn to get rid of all of that drama, and I guarantee you, you will be a much better parent for it.

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