Children and Internet

Web Safety for Children and Teens

When children are old enough to connect to the Internet parents need to know a few things about what the Internet is and what can be done on the Internet.

Some parents think if they don't have a computer or Internet access in the home they have nothing to worry about with their children. This is not true and it's like burying your head in the Internet sand. Computers with Internet access are available in many other places.

Children And Chat Rooms On The Internet

The Internet is a very large group of interconnected computer networks that allow you and your children to "chat" with people all over the world in what is called chat rooms. This can be a great way to communicate and receive information on almost any subject. Chat rooms are also a way for people to prey on children, teens and even adults.

When you are connected to the Internet there are many online functions that are possible. You can access information from thousands of sources in lots of formats like music recordings, books, articles and videos.

Anyone who has your Internet address can send you or your children an e-mail and you can return the e-mail. Chat rooms are another way to communicate instantly using your keyboard. You are able to post and read information on particular topics.

Beware Of Which Internet Chat Rooms Your Children Are Using

Internet chat rooms have some advantages like being able to talk to other people with similar interests. You can make new friends and find out information about things that interest you. There are Internet chat rooms that are not appropriate for children or teens and this is another area where you need to pay attention to who your kids are talking to online.

When parents know a few things about the Internet, e-mail and chat rooms they are more likely to be able to keep one step ahead of their children.

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Brad Franklin-Editor, WebSafeKid.Com is designed to help parents, kids and teens with internet safety, and learn how to protect their privacy and security online and to teach responsible internet use.

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