GPS Dog Collars

GPS Dog Collars

by: Carrie Plescan

If you are one of the families lucky enough to have a beloved companion animal, you may be very concerned about what might happen if she gets loose. You should be; every day pets are taken to shelters, get stolen, and sometimes get hurt or killed because they get out of their yards.

The good news is that it does not have to happen. There is a new method of pet location that you may want to consider as an additional safety measure to microchips--GPS dog collars.

Advantages of a GPS Dog Collar

The first advantage is that it requires no surgery. It is simply a small device that you attach to the collar that will allow you to track your pet at any hour of the day. You will then get alerts on your dog's location by email or mobile phone, and will also be able to see where he went on his adventure.

What if your dog jumps in a creek or pond, or gets caught out in the rain? Another advantage of GPS dog collars is that they are waterproof, so even if she jumps into a stream after a duck you can still track her.

Here are some things to keep in mind when using GPS dog collars:

Never spend hours fretting and guessing about where your beloved companion animal has gone--know immediately with GPS dog collars.

About The Author

Carrie Plescan finds all her small dog breeds supplies at, an online pet store with a huge inventory of dog, cat, bird, aquarium and other pet supplies. Best yet, donates a portion of every sale to animal and dog rescue shelters all around the US.

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