Ferret Toilet

Toilet Train Your Ferret

by: Catherine Smith

So your little ferret is leaving gifts all over the house?

Luckily ferrets can be trained to use a litter tray just like cats. They are very intelligent and like to be clean, so they should pick it up quickly. Your whole family should be involved in your ferret training. You can begin ferret litter training any time, although the sooner you start, the happier you and your ferret will be.

Even if you have not trained your ferret you will notice that he will pick a spot, usually in a private corner somewhere, and return to that spot when he has to poop. Ferrets do not relate having their noses rubbed in their poop with the fact that they missed the pan, so please don't do it. Ferrets do not cover their waste, so scooping is a daily necessity and will help minimize odour. Ferrets are more likely to use a clean pan. You will find that ferrets who feel their litter box isn't clean enough will often go next to it.

Toilet Training

Training techniques must be adapted to individual personalities, but some basic principles apply. Put some faeces into your ferret's new pan and then put him in there. He will probably have a sniff around and should get the idea. If you see him go to the pan and go to the toilet praise and maybe even offer a healthy treat.

If he goes outside of the pan, do not scold him. Simply place him and his poop into the pan. Eventually he should get it. For some older ferrets this may take time. Most of the time, gently reminding him where the litter box is can be enough.

Ferret Litter

Clumping cat litters should not be used, unless you place the powder under other forms of litter so the ferret does not have access to the clumping litter (make sure the ferret is not a digger). Some ferrets don't like the feel of clay litter between their toes. Additionally, ferrets "wipe their bottoms" after using their litter pan, and clumping litter particles can adhere to the ferret, and absorb too much moisture from soft tissue. Most of the time, gently reminding him where the litter box is can be enough.

Be careful not to use anything that will give off dust particles.

In conclusion it may take some time, but it will be worth it when you have a fully toilet trained ferret running around the house. Maybe then you could move onto some other more advanced training?

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