Miniature Pets

Miniature Pets in the Modern Era

by: CS Swarens

It is uncertain exactly when miniature breed animals first came about. Historical and archaeological evidence point to gargantuan rats and dinosaurs smaller than many chickens. What is certain is that miniature pets are a big business and offer big rewards, both financially and personally.

There may be many jokes among some men about miniature poodles or chihuahuas but the fact of the matter remains that miniature dogs are increasingly popular among people. Many people simply do not have the room to own a large dog. A small dog can be just as happy in a small house as it can be in a large home.

These days, you can find miniature horses, miniature pigs, and many other breeds that were very uncommon just a few short years ago. For some people it is simply a matter of the cute factor. Smaller animals somehow become "cute" even when their larger relatives are anything but good looking or popular among most people. Unless you live in the country, you probably never heard anyone bragging about their 1200 pound pig.

For some other people, the joys of owning a miniature pet is in no small part, due to the fact that they make much smaller messes. Anyone who has ever had to carry a plastic bag for waste removal every time that they took their dog for a walk will probably agree to this. Anybody who has ever had to housebreak a pet would also be hard-pressed to find the fault in this logic.

For some people, cost is a major factor. A large dog would eat large amounts of food every day. Over the course of time, those costs will add up to a large amount of money which to some people at least, shows no positive return for their investment. Other people may see the true value of their pets but just cannot afford to feed a large dog or other animal that will quite literally, eat them out of house and home.

Whatever reason people have for wanting a miniature pet, they have become big business as well. Contests, shows and major events regularly occur all over the world for miniature pet lovers. Some of these shows stress the importance of a lack of size but they are increasingly looking at other criteria for deciding winners as well.

Miniature Pet Industries

Miniature horse shows have spawned entire new industries to keep up with the demands of that lifestyle. Miniature surreys are available as are carts, miniature saddles and other features that have no market outside that of the miniature horse.

Similarly, shows for the miniature pot-bellied pigs and other miniature breeds are becoming increasingly popular as well. Whatever your reasons are for wanting to own a miniature pet, remember that not only can you reap big rewards, you will also open brand new opportunities in ways you may never have imagined possible. There are many different reasons for owning a pet. Pet owners can enjoy a host of benefits that people without pets will never truly know or understand. Just remember that when you are looking for a pet, size really does not matter. Miniature pets really are big business that consistently reap big rewards.

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