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Problems that you may encounter when puppy training

If this is the first time you are training a puppy, never underestimate the problems and responsibilities that could come with the animal. During training, many things could go wrong. Here are some potential problems that you may run into when training your pup.

1) Wrong puppy crate.

The crate is perhaps the most important tool in the training process. It can help house break your pup, and train it to eliminate less frequently. But if you buy the wrong crate, your training will never be effective. For example, a crate that is too large will defeat the purpose of the training. The pup will just eliminate in one corner, and then go rest in another corner. The goal here is to train the dog to control its bladder. You can't achieve this goal with a box that is too big.

2) Puppy Personality issues.

Sometimes, you may run into personality issues. It is hard to tell the personality of a dog when it's too young. To avoid this problem, try to buy pups only from reputable breeders. Unlike most pet stores, dog breeders often allow the dogs to grow up a little before selling them away. You may also wish to do some research on the dogs that you are interested in. Different breeds have well known personality traits. A chihuahua may be a really small dog but it has a very active personality. This means that it's going to need plenty of exercise! You have to take into consideration the personality of the pup when coming up with a training program.

3) Losing your patience with the puppy.

A young pup can be very testing. Don't lose your patience. If it makes a mistake, just remind the pup gently that it's doing something that it's not supposed to be doing. Anger will not get you the results you want. But patience and determination ultimately will.

As you can see, there are many pitfalls that a new pup owner can fall into. To avoid making unnecessary mistakes, hire a professional dog trainer and learn from the trainer. There are different types of lessons available in the market. If you have the time, opt for those that allow you to join in the hands on training. That way, you will be able to execute the training when you go back home with your puppy. If you simply cannot afford the time, you will just have to be content with leaving the dog with the trainer during training sessions.

A well trained dog can be a perfect family pet and a good family friend. The training should start as early as possible so that good habits are cultivated from young. It does seem like a lot of hard work but the good news is, young pups usually learn fast. And they can adapt a lot better than what most people would expect. So at first if you don't see good results, be patient. Your efforts will soon reap dividends.

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