The Bike Rack

Use Of Bike Racks

You can prevent your bike from getting stolen by using a bike rack. You can securely attach your bike to a bike rack. This rack in turn is fixed to the ground, or to any other solid structure such as a building wall.

Earlier bike racks used to secure only one wheel by pushing the wheel of the bike into a forked piece of metal, but it was not effective enough. A thief could easily take away the bike by simply removing the wheel to free the bike. These kinds of bike racks are known as "wheel benders".

The Modern Bike Rack

A modern style of bike rack is known as a "Sheffield rack". These racks comprise of a thick metal bar, which is given the shape of a square arch. The top part is equal to the top bar of the bicycle frame and provides security for the frame.

A Bike Rack For Use On An Automobile

Bike racks can also used on an automobile for the convenience of traveling with your bike. However, you must be aware of the proper method of loading and unloading your bike from the bike rack.

Loading Your Bike On An Automobile

• Get your bike ready to load. Remove bottles, bicycle pumps or other items before loading.

• If you are using a bus, inform the bus driver that you will be using the bike rack. Speedily load your bike while other passengers are getting into the bus.

• Approach the bike rack from the curbside. Squeeze the handle in the center to lower the rack.

• Place your bike into the rack, fitting the wheel into a wheel slot. If you are loading your bike in the first slot then the handlebar should be towards the curb, while in the second slot, they should remain away from the curb.

• Drag the support arm in a straight line and place it over the front tire until the tire is almost covered completely. Be sure that the arm rests on the tire, not on the frame of your bike. It may damage your bike if you load it incorrectly, so you always need to be careful while loading your bike.

Unloading Your Bike From The Automobile

• On reaching the stop, always inform the bus driver that you will be unloading your bike. Always exit from the front door.

• Drag the support arm away from the wheel, drop it downward and pull out your bike.

• If you are the last person to remove a bike, position the rack back to its correct position.

• Move towards the curb while you are moving away from the bus.

Rack Rules

• You should be prepared before the bus arrives.

• No one but you is responsible for the loading and unloading of your bike.

• Do not hold up the bus if you are unable to load your bike properly.

• All bikes are loaded in the same way, speedily and easily. Motorized bikes are not allowed on the racks.

• Bus operators are not responsible for any damage to the bikes while in transit.

So you can now take your bike with you by using bike racks on an automobile, but be sure that you are taking all the safety measures while loading and unloading your bike. Also be sure you are not causing any inconvenience to other passengers.

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