Biodiesel Cars

The Biodiesel Car

In today's society, Researchers in the United States and around the world are searching for ways to develop alternate forms of fuel. With the ever-rising fuel costs, developing alternate energy is a priority.

Biodiesel was developed to combat the high gas and oil prices. It is especially made for use in biodiesel cars and trucks.

Biodiesel is made from all natural foods that produce oil. Oils such as vegetable, canola, peanut, rapeseed, palm and olive oil can be used as bio diesel fuel.

Virtually All Oils Can Be Used In Biodiesel Cars For Fuel

Virtually all oils that you use in your kitchen everyday can fuel one of these cars. It does not matter if the oil has been used, it can be strained and filtered and then used in the fuel tank.

Biodiesel fuel is a better for the environment because it burns cleaner and does not pollute the atmosphere. It is non-toxic and biodegradable, making it the perfect fuel.

Biodiesel fuel has been road tested and will get up to twenty-five miles to the gallon. That is better than some conventional mileage ratings.

Biodiesel Cars Using Cleaner Fuel Becoming More Popular 

Many car manufacturers are realizing that biodiesel cars are becoming more popular, and are jumping on the bandwagon and developing their own version of a biodiesel vehicle. They realize that the need for biodiesel cars will increase, and predict that they will be ready for the onslaught.

If you are interested in purchasing a biodiesel and do not know where to start looking, call local dealerships and ask if they offer this type of vehicle. Chances are that they either have biodiesel cars or can place a special order for you. You can also do a Google search to find a dealer that is close by.

The least expensive biodiesel car's price starts at approximately $20,000 dollars. Depending on the style of car, it can range up to $60,000 dollars. The only reported differences in driving a biodiesel car is that in some cases, the mileage per gallon is greater than a conventional car.

If you want the convenience of a biodiesel car, and do not have the funds to buy one, there is always the option to buy a conversion kit. These kits allow you to convert your current vehicle into a bio diesel vehicle.

The kits are relatively inexpensive compared to a new bio diesel car. They start at $600.00. Although it is recommended that you have a professional mechanic do all the necessary work, full instructions and a help line are included for the do-it-yourselfer.

Regular Diesel Engine Cars Can Run On Biodiesel Fuel

A car with a diesel engine does not need to be converted into biodiesel. However it is recommended that the hoses be replaced on any diesel car that was made before 1990. When the diesel engine was created in 1892, it was designed to run on peanut oil before diesel fuel, making it the changes unnecessary.

It is however recommended that the engines of vehicles to be converted do not have rubber seals in them, as over time the oil will deteriorate the seals.

Biodiesel cars are very easy to maintain. The only major problem that has been reported is that when the weather turns cold, the oil turns cloudy and in temperatures below 35 degrees, the oil can crystallize. The potential problem with this is that the crystals can plug the engine and not allow the fuel to flow properly.

Special heating units are sold to keep the oil at a constant temperature.

The general public is being encouraged to purchase biodiesel cars. As an incentive, the government is offering special tax write offs for those who purchase biodiesel cars.

In Hollywood, celebrities and activists who are earth conscience have made the commitment to drive biodiesel cars. At the moment, California has more biodiesel cars on the road than all other states combined.

Daimler Chrysler will introduce its version of the biodiesel vehicle in the 2007. The Jeep Grand Cherokee CDR will be the first biodiesel SUV to hit the market.

It will run on soybean and vegetable oil, as well as grease from fast food restaurants. It is a little humorous to think that you will be able to order dinner and fill your fuel tank in the same place, but that may possible in the not too distant future.

With the growth of the biodiesel automobile, biodiesel fuel manufacturers are needed. Currently in the United States, there are sixty-five biodiesel producing plants and about eight hundred and fifty biodiesel service stations. Experts predict that a lot more will be opening over the next few years.

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