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Beat a Speeding Ticket by Going to Driving School

I know we all speed - well almost all - from time to time, but we all know speeding is illegal. We may not think the speed limits are right - after all, most were introduced when cars didn't have ABS or the good tires and systems we have now.

Even so, speeding is illegal and will get you into hot water if you keep doing it. But here is a way of getting out of trouble.

You see, you can't always beat the speeding ticket, but you may be able to reduce the consequences. But remember this:

If you keep getting tickets in some territories you will lose your licence for 3 or 6 months, a year or even longer. In places where they take speeding very seriously, repeated offenders can even go to jail.

The risk of going to jail for just going too fast several times should be enough to stop you speeding on the road - if you must speed then you need to do it on a track. But that won't help with your speeding ticket.

Don't go to jail - beat the speeding ticket by going to driving school

One secret way of avoiding the speeding ticket is to attend a driving school - or a speed awareness course as they call it in the UK. When you get your ticket you plead "not guilty" and appear in court.

If this is not your first offence, consult a specialist first, and you may want to be represented by a lawyer. Lawyers who specialize in the area of traffic offenses understand the importance of a driver's licence and will work hard to not only make certain that you keep your licence but will also work hard to keep you out of jail.

Plea To Attend Driving School To Control Your Speeding

In this case, the lawyer will explain that you want to improve your driving skills so that you can drive safely without speeding. To do so, you are willing to attend a special driving school. The judge will see this as a sign of good faith on behalf of the motorist.

It shows you understand that your driving skills are lacking and time with a certified driving instructor explaining the basics of driving will work towards improving your speeding problem. Because you will spend time not just in the classroom absorbing the basics of driving and time driving with an instructor, the judge might be convinced that you are trying to reform your bad habits.

If the judge agrees, you will spend several hours studying in a classroom with others. Then, you will take part in in-car training with a qualified instruction. There you will be given the skills you need to safely operate a motor vehicle including instruction on maintaining the legal and safe speed.

After you have completed a written and a practical test your results are sent to the court. If you fail any part of the course, you will have to appear again in court to face sentencing. If you pass, their lawyer may request that the last ticket be dismissed. That will improve your record and reduce your car insurance premiums.

You will then be expected to continue driving as you did with the instructor, which is safe and below the legal speed limit. Make sure you pass the tests, and do not take them lightly, as this is a good way of beating a speeding ticket.

About The Author John Hartley is editor of http://www.endspeedingtickets.com/, a website designed ti help you avoid speeding tickets. He has written from many of the world's top auto magazines, and has written many books about cars and the auto industry, including 'Suspension and Steering Q&A' and 'The Electronics Revolution in the Motor Industry'.

Article source: http://www.articlecity.com

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