Budget Wedding Tips

If Money Matters

True enough, a wedding is the most difficult event to plan and prepare for. And it gets even more challenging if the budget is tight. But don't fret, we have come up with some tips to help you stay on track money-wise.

Tips For Planning Your Wedding On A Small Budget

1. Limit your invites to the most important people in your life. Less guests less expenses.

2. The venue eats up a huge percentage of the budget so be wise and practical when selecting your venue. If possible, have both the ceremony and the reception in one place to minimize your cost.

3. Resist the urge to pick foods that are costly i.e. lobsters, steaks. You can still impress your guests with less expensive food.

4. Keep your invitation simple. If you have the time or extra helping hands, you may even want to consider making the invitation yourself. You can get wedding invitation kits from wedding supply stores or even your local craft store.

5. When decorating the venue, keep the use of flowers to a minimum. They are costly. Use candles (they go a long way when it comes to giving life to a venue), tulles and ribbons as substitutes.

6. While it is nice to be entertained by a live band, recorded music will do just fine.

7. Forget about hiring an emcee. Ask a family member or a friend to emcee instead.

8. Ask yourself if you really want your wedding on a film. Will you spend some time after the wedding to watch it? Or will the video end up in your grandmother's chest in the attic?

9. Opt for a less extravagant cake. Get a 2-tiered cake instead of a 4- or 3-tiered cake. Another option is mini cakes arranged in a layered cake rack.

10. Limit the champagne to the toast. Instead of wine, serve less expensive drinks.

11. Forget about hiring a wedding planner. You can still get the job done with the help of family members and friends.

12. Instead of hiring a limousine, look for alternative means of transport i.e. a friend's Bentley, your fathers Mercedes.

13. Always haggle for a lower price with the vendors. Since they expect some negotiations to happen, they would most often give a quote that is higher than what they are willing to accept.

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"Hi all, I dont come from a wealthy family so my wedding was on a very tight budget like so tight all we could spend was £500 and guess what we did it and it was fabulous, my tips for a fantastic day get your dress from a wholesalers your local pub might do a free venue cut costs on a photograper and ask friend and family to take lots of pictures you can then pick the ones you like for your photo album, the day before my wedding I spent £50 on tescos own chickens and cooked them and put 13 bags of baby potatos in the pot to boil and loads of tinned veg which was all cooked and taken to the venue on the day everyone enjoyed there sit down meals and whats better than a home cooked meal everyone loved it and my cake was a three story one which i bought each layer seperatly from asda and decorated it with icing, my bouquet i made myself from the flowers i loved and we brought 12 bottles of carva for the toast we done it on £500 from bridesmaid dresses to the food we did it all, so can you just think of whats the important bit of your wedding, you and your fiance sealing the union of your love and enjoy your day xxx"

Kym xx

"My mate phoned me up the day before and told me A: I was going to be best man. B: He wanted me to use my Convertible Jeep as a wedding car. We got so drunk that we forgot to put the roof on the jeep that night (and it rained) so we turned up with bin-bags on the seats! Sounds like a disaster but we still cherish those memories!"


"Instead of Engagement Presents and Wedding gifts, (loads of towels!) ask family and friends to pay for items such as the Cake,Videographer,Photographer. I have 4 brothers who will contribute towards the price of the Photographer/videographer. My fiancee's parents are paying for the wedding dress as their gift. a friend of the family has made the wedding cake (we were thinking of getting tesco's fruit wedding cakes at £14.00 and £8.00). another guest has offered transport for family and Bride / Groom."

Peter Steed

"as far as some of the comments go, not all of us have wealthy families who can help out with the cost of a wedding. some if us have to plan one on a very tight budget. these tips have helped me plan our perfect wedding on a tight budget. many thanks."


"I was looking for more useful tips like instead of ordering a 4 tier cake ordering a small cake to cut for bride and groom and ordering a large sheet cake for kitchen to cut to save $. Tips like that. This was not helpful."


"If my friends drove Bentleys and my dad drove a Mercedes i don\'t think I would need to get married on a budget!!!!"


"if my father had a mercedes i would not be planning a wedding on a budget. not helpful at all."


"wow - just making some notes for when we get to plan our big day - and this page has helped point out the simple things that sometimes you forget. I can still have the day I want but also on the budget we can afford !"


"These are really unhelpful tips. You should be giving clever, insider ideas - not just publishing a list of commonse points that anyone can work out."


"myself and my partner are just begining to plan our wedding and on a tight budget just looking at your handy hints has helped alot .we might be able to get married sooner if less expensive ..."