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Stop Smoking Now Without Side Effects

Is there an easy way to stop smoking? Unfortunately no. The biggest thing in your favor if you want to stop smoking is a sincere desire to stop, right now, quit smoking, kick the habit once and for all. Like with alcohol addiction, your sincere and real desire to quit smoking is going to be the biggest single factor in your favor, and the best asset in your court to kick the habit.

Perhaps you have already tried to quit smoking and were unsuccessful. By far, the most difficult way to quit is to go cold turkey. Some people can do it this way, but the unfortunate fact is that the ones who are most successful with this approach did so because their doctor told them they were going to die if they did not stop, and putting that fear in them was the catalyst to ensure their success.

But you want to stop smoking before you get to that point, LONG before you get to that point. Let's assume that you already know the widely publicized dangers of smoking, why it is not good for you, and the innumerable reasons why you should quit. The difficult part of putting all of that knowledge into positive actions.

Everybody is different, and just because a particular method worked for Joe or Sally does not mean anything as far as how well it will work for you. Some people have reported a lot of success with using acupuncture combined with more traditional approaches to stop smoking. This can be particularly effective if you want to quit but simply lack the willpower to make it happen. This approach seems to work best for people who are heavily addicted to the high that nicotine provides, combined with (again) that sincere desire to quit.

Other people have found great success in nicotine gum or the patch. This provides the nicotine high that your body is craving but allows you to reduce the amount of nicotine slowly so that your body can become accustomed to lower amounts of nicotine without getting into the dreaded withdrawal symptoms. The problem with nicotine is that smokers become both physically as well as psychologically addicted to it, and using nicotine gum and the patch can help wean you off nicotine slowly and comfortably.

Using Hypnosis to Quit Smoking 

Others have found that hypnosis can help them kick the habit. The methods of hypnosis to stop smoking are quite varied, but the bottom line is that the suggestion is put into your mind that smoking is bad, disgusting and unattractive, and when you come out of the hypnosis session, your body thinks that your negative view towards tobacco products is entirely self-generated.

Willpower is the Best Way to Stop Smoking 

There is not a single fool-proof method that is guaranteed to work for all people, simply because everybody is different. But the bottom line is that you already know that you should and need to stop smoking, and the actions required to achieve that goal are entirely in your hands. Take the gift of life seriously and kick the habit today! There are a ton of methods available, but your own desire to quite for good is going to be your best asset to getting there

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