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It is very rare to find a tradesmen who will openly provide information on all their costs and charges, however we at Whatprice have found just such a company! See the table below for building and other home improvement prices along with details of the company who provided the service.

Please note that we at Whatprice do not endorse or sponsor the following company in any way, we are merely reprinting information provided to us from our pricing surveys. Please see our Disclaimer for further details

UK Building Costs: Disclaimer
Building Category Building Description Labour Price Material Cost
Garden Wall Front garden brick wall with 4 pillars/caps+ 2 metal gates £400 £400
General Service Work New toilet cistern/ 3 Roof tiles replaced £220 £100
Fencing New 4 M wooden fence £150 £88
Fencing New wooden Side Gate and surround (3 X 2.5M) £630 £273

First Knight Construction charge a daily rate of £200 for 2 skilled workmen working from 8-5pm (i.e 8 hours including breaks). They provide services for all jobs including plumbing, electrical, tiling, building etc. They always ask for material costs to paid by the client upfront. When the job is completed they present an invoice for the work plus builders merchants invoices for the materials used. This way the client is sure that he/she is only paying for materials actually used.

They are based in Kingston upon Thames, Surrey (UK). They basically do everything from plumbing/electrics/tiling/roofing etc.. The contact number is 07762-642172 email

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"I have been a multi-skilled tradesman for 30 odd years. The price of £200 for 2 skilled trademen per day is very good. I charge (labour only)£140 per day and have always got work....(South Wales}"