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Car Insurance is a must in the UK, it is illegal to drive a car without it! There are a lot of companies out there offering a wide range of car insurance policies, so many that it is often quite difficult to shop around for the right type of car insurance at the right price. This section looks at all the aspects of car insurance to help you make the right decision.

There are other types of insurance that you may require when travelling, such as the obvious travel insurance, but also medical insurance, holiday cancellation insurance and even personal belongings insurance. This section also contains helpful advice and pricing details for all your holiday and travel insurance needs.

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Car Insurance Information: Disclaimer
Maintitle About the article Date
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Insurance for Elderly Drivers If you're an elderly driver or a member of your family is an elderly driver, this article explains the problems you'll discover when trying to find car insurance and some useful advice on what to ... 2007-04-30
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Car Insurance - Eyesight You're in trouble with the Law and your insurer if your eyesight isn't up to standard. This article explains. ... 2007-04-30
Duplicated Insurance Cover You'd be surprised how many of us inadvertently duplicate insurance cover - and it's a total waste of money. This article explains. ... 2007-04-30
New Car Insurance Insurers are searching for new ways to bring down the costs of cover. Here are some of the ideas they've come up with. ... 2007-04-30
Internet Car Insurance Are you stuck in a rut when it comes to car insurance? It may be time to change to an on-line deal. ... 2007-04-30
Car Insurance Fraud A new hazard has appeared on our roads. Fraudsters are "manufacturing" accidents and making a fat profit from the results. Find out more about this fast-spreading crime. ... 2007-04-30
Choosing Car Insurance When choosing car insurance, your primary concerns are cost and customer service. Going into the process of choosing car insurance, you most likely have a pretty good idea of how much coverage you ne... 2007-04-30
Speed Cameras Speed cameras are set to become a lot more infallible with the proposed introduction of a new super-smart camera. This article discusses the impact the new speed camera could have on drivers and their... 2007-04-30

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