Causes of Car Accidents

Common Reasons for Car Accidents

The number of car accidents has been increasing rapidly since the automobile was first invented. Accidents happen anywhere, at any time of the day, and they are usually unexpected. You don't know accidents are coming. Even if you don't have a car, you still might be involved in a car accident.

Although car accidents have been increasing, it is surprising to find out that the average accident has been declining due to the policies that the government has implemented. The percentage of fatal accidents has lowered to 50%. This was aided by the car manufacturers, who have invented and added securities like airbags. The use of airbags has been a great help in cases of accidents.

Did you know that drinking while driving is one of the major causes of accidents? It is not surprising to see in the papers and television that drunk driver has been killed on the road. It happens almost everywhere, at any given time. If a driver is drunk, his mind is not working properly. He does not pay attention to the road. Drunk drivers love to drive a car at high speed. Some will even race on the road, endangering other drivers.

Another common cause of accidents is younger-aged drivers. Some young drivers tend to drive wildly on the streets with their friends. Some drive without a license and without insurance. A minor can get a student's license but they should be accompanied by an elder who is an experienced driver. Minors are not allowed to drive because they are not aware and familiar with the signs and rules that are important in driving. Getting a license will train them to drive safely by following the rules.

If your car is not maintained properly, which includes the wheels and the brakes, you can be prone to accidents. You will never know when your engine or brakes will fail you. So before that happens, you must carefully check if they are driving properly by having your car serviced at regular intervals.

Most accidents happen at nighttime. This is caused by poor lighting and impaired visibility. Having good headlights and indicators are very important. You are not safe if your lights are broken. A car ahead may not notice you, especially on a hard dark road. Lights serve as indicators and signals so that you can make your car visible even in the dark.

Some drivers drive without full attention. Stress can cause accidents because the driver may not focus on the road; rather he is thinking of his personal problems. Talking on a cell phone while driving or fiddling with the stereo are all contributing factors to accidents.

There may be many causes of car accidents and these are just the most common causes. What is important is that you should be disciplined while driving and ensure your car is road worthy.


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"This article outlines many human errors but a percentage of road accidents are caused by non-human factors, these include: bright sunlight, frost, snow, black ice and many other environmental factors. The young are one group that are mentioned in this article, although we know the young do cause some accidents there is no evidence to support these claims. But mainly the causes outlined are true."