No Car Insurance

Car Insurance. Uninsured cars to be crushed

Are you one of the one in twenty motorists who regularly drive without insurance? You'd better watch out - your car could be heading for the crusher and shipped off to the world's biggest scrap smelter in China!

Police seize cars without insurance

New powers now allow the police to seize, impound and crush any car found on the road without insurance. A pilot scheme was introduced in Durham last spring. Since then, police have impounded more than 1,200 cars. Of those around half have been crushed into cubes and packed off for smelting.

Operation Takeaway as the pilot scheme was known, has been such a big success, that police forces throughout the UK are enthusiastically polishing up their tow trucks. The scheme is now supported by a new national police database that's supported by the insurance industry. It enables the police to check the insurance status of every car in the UK whilst they're sitting in their patrol car.

Police will take keys if your car has no insurance...

Now if you're caught red handed without car insurance you're forced to hand your keys to the police at the roadside. There are no exceptions -this applies to everyone; it doesn't matter if it's just a forgetful mistake or conscious driving without insurance.

Then you'll have to get your skates on! You've just 14 days to produce a valid insurance policy to the police and collect your car. And other costs mount up. Before you can collect your car, you have to pay the cost of kerbside recovery (around £105) and the cost of secure storage - and that could easily amount to £15 a day. So, if you leave collecting your car to the 14th day, you could be in for a bill for £315.

And if you don't reclaim your car, off to the crusher it goes!

During the pilot scheme, the cost of crushing the cars was partly funded by Direct Line. They have estimated that Operation Takeaway prevented up to 2,000 accidents. And many of the cars impounded by the police were found to be un-roadworthy.

A police spokesman said, " Uninsured drivers are often guilty of many other offences. Such as having neither driving licence nor MOT certificate. We are doing everything in our power to get these dangerous and illegal drivers off our roads".

Drivers with no car insurance are a great danger

Indeed, uninsured drivers are much greater problem than many of us would

expect. The Department of Transport recently reported that 1 in 20 motorists regularly drive without insurance. Furthermore, research from the Association of British Insurers discovered that uninsured drivers are amongst the most dangerous on the roads. On average they cause one accident every six months and are three times more likely to be convicted of driving without due care and attention.

And who pays for those uninsured accidents? We do! The average car insurance premium is loaded by £30 to cover the cost of damage caused by uninsured motorists. Across the UK that adds up to an extra £500 million paid out each year by the law-abiding motorists!

But that's not the end of our financial pain. If an uninsured vehicle collides into your car, it's still recorded as a "fault claim" on your policy. This means you'll have to pay the excess when your car is repaired and unless you've got Claims Protection on your policy, your no-claims bonus will take a knocking. Over a two-year period, the reduction in your no claims bonus could easily cost £275 in higher premiums.

The move to take cars off the road and crush them has been warmly welcomed by the Association of British Insurers. The ABI has long criticised the leniency of punishment handed out by the courts to uninsured motorists but they still want tougher penalties. Offenders are typically fined just £150 to £200 - with time to pay - and this is much less than the average car insurance premium. Surely this cannot be true justice!

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"I was stopped for not wearing my seatbelt whilst driving a courtesy car from my garage, this is common for me as I\\\\\\\'m a taxi I driver and often forget. I new I\\\\\\\'d get a fine however when the officer checked the car was only insured for garage employees not me and my insurance didn\\\\\\\'t cover me for any other vehicle. Now I also have a fine for £200 and 6 points on my licence. This to i can live with as in a way that\\\\\\\'s all my fault for not wearing a belt or checking my insurance or there\\\\\\\'s. What I can\\\\\\\'t abide is the fact that I could of had an insured driver at the car with all relevant docs in 2 mins to avoid seizure. Now I left with a further bill of £190 to release the car or the garage won\\\\\\\'t give me my car back brilliant. I just goes to show why the police are loosing respect with public when common sense should be applied. "

The taxi man

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"insurance in this great land we live in is far to high how can a car costing 500.00 pound cost 700.00 pound to insure this is plane and simple profittering the mob would be proud and it a crime not to have it who needs dick turpin"

j shelmerdine

"Hi My partner has just rang me to inform me he has had the car taken off him from the police I am really annoyed he now tells me he has no insurance....can someone advise me as to how roughly this is going to cost me"


"It a very sad system that the people are being exploited by moral and illegal means of obtaining money and their hard earned much loved sentimental vehicle away and subject it to criminal damage in the crusher . I build cars and bikes from scratch and it would be heart breaking to see them damage by nothing more than a moronic activity , that vehicle belongs to someone no matter how many things wrong they do , the car is still their property and should be returned to them intact , they make and break their own laws that is very hypercritical .Basically you buy a car you rebuild it with expensive parts time and devotion then you find the car is not really owned by you and it can be removed at any time to be destroyed causing great distress and anxiety especially in financial difficult times or simply because you live in a flat with no place to park off road . If they insist on these strict laws with no room for any explanation then they should provide everyone with free off road parking , instead of money making entrapment ."


"my dad was pulled over yesterday because his van flagged up as being un-insured because he licence had been revoked so his insurance was void, something he knew nothing about they impounded the van and now obviously he cant get insured with having no licence.... im his son and iv took insurance out on the van so i can remove it from the compound but the police wont release it as the van belongs to my dad and we cant change ownership because the documents are in the van im fully insured and i will be changing ownership over to me once it gets released, but the police wont release it untill the van matches my name catch 22.... can anyone please advise me legal proceedings as i feel there not helping me out it could get crushed and its a £7000 van."

Thomas Gibson

"If the police take your car can they leave you standing at the edge of the motorway, day or night?"

M. Smee

"if my car has tax n test on but no insurance and is parked in my garage on my property can police still take my car??"

d ward

"I had been a victim of fraud insurance so the police seized my vehicle but didnt fine me as of the current situation but my vehicle was in my name fully payed for brand new yes the police had the right to stop me driving as I was a danger to motorists but what gives insurance companies and the polive the right to take my vehicle make me pay a hefty amount of money to get it back and crush my car no one should have that right and the legal amount of days is 14 to claim it back but they decided to crush it 6days early I will be going to my solicitors and I will be taking this to the court and il make sure the police will be paying me the full amount I payed for my vehicle and compensation and il have them done for not taking any further action to the evidence I handed over about the dodgy insurance salesman"


"got pulled today and was told ANPR said my vehicle was not insured, I said to the officer that cant be right they took a payment this morning i'm with tesco 2 mins later after he double checked with a real human who checked the same database ANPR uses I was sent on my way him satisfied I had insurance, this shows a severe flaw in the ANPR system and my policy is in its 7th month so its not a new policy that needed time to enter the database ."


"im glad about about the new law of ins ilost my son to a wreck my son was passenger, the driver had ins tw0 drivers lisense and no citations know body knows hurt tell you loose a child ,if you dont have ins dont drive"


"Hi, i have 6 points and i took out a temp policy from for one day. I got pulled over by police and they told me i my insurance is not valid for another 15 mins. Because of this i got given another 6 points and told to hand my licence in, would there be any hope if i were to appeal this matter in court? Its quite unfair as im a student"


"On March 17th 2012 I reported an uninsured driver to both Crime Stoppers & my local Police. Nearly 2 months later it was used in a crime and it is still on the road - and the Police say they have to see him driving it to nick him! This makes a lie of te above statement "We are doing everything in our power to get these dangerous and illegal drivers off our roads". "


"I had my car taken today. Lady left on roadside alone to walk home! I have a multi car policy with Admiral. Police called them, they confirmed I have policy but they had taken the wrong car off policy last month when we changed over. Why would I be paying for two lots of insurance, one of which I don't own and driving another without??? Police asked if we could just change over the vehicle to insure, Admiral said no as I have six points (not even yet issued for this offence which was not my fault!) so therefore car taken! Admiral now have to check phone recordings to see if it was their absolute farce and the worst part was I was on my way to hospital for an appointment to have a specific blood test to be done today. now I have to go all through a whole batch of tests again!!! Grrrrr"

Little Miss Angry

"thought i would ad my 2 penny's worth and some useful advice. i was stopped for no seatbelt and in the back of the police car was told my licence had expired which in turn invalidated my insurance. i tried to show him my insurance papers but he said it didn't matter as those where based on someone with a full licence. i explained that i had a full licence but they just didn't care and impounded my car. the reason my licence was revokes is they wanted me to change my address which i totally forgot about. anyway to cut a long story short after speaking to my solicitor i was told that if i read my insurance policy it clearly states that " the named driver is insured provided he holds a full UK licence or HAS held and is not disqualified from holding or obtaining a licence". the solicitor told me even though my licence was revoked it is called holding a substantive licence and means i still hold a licence and was fully insured. i went to court 3 days ago and all charges where dropped i am now in the process of retrieving all my money and some compensation from the police. also on a side note the solicitor said as the person that took my car was actually a sergeant he should have known a lot better and has also asked for him to be disciplined"


"In 2006 i had my car seized i was 6 months pregnant with my first baby and the police pulled me and said i do not hold any insurance i laughed and said do you think i would be driving being pregnant. Well our computer says different. I didnt have any documents on me but my house was 5mins away and they wouldnt even let me go and get the papers. Well i was insured as a named driver on my dads insurance the copper was telling me you couldnt do that... Well they took the car, went to court and had my lincese revoked, fine and points great!! But now im trying to find out if i did have valid isurance at the time.. I know i should have done this back then but i couldnt be arsed with all to be honest and how was i going to beat the legal system.. Its a joke if you ask me!!!"


"hello, i need some legal advice. i am a sole trader business and have got my cars on another companies of my cars was taken due to a driver not having a license. i went to the pound with all my documents as well as director of other company but they refused to handover car saying the policy is in the name of my colleagues company. so i got the logbook changed to my colleagues company. he went back there now with logbook in the same name as insurance but they still did not accept this. i think this is sufficient enough to get car out dont you think?"

p squared

"I just got pulled over for no insurance just insured my car today but wasn't registered my car been seized I phoned my insurance company and they had said the premium will start at noon tomorrow so now I am in a lot of trouble already got six points got 14 days to prove I was insured which I can't and no insurance company will backdate /:( "


"It just seems that nowdays they make rules for the police to issue fines and make money. Police are busy making fines to people over legal issues, instead of spending that time of their time upholding the law and dealing with real crime. legal and lawfull are two different things"


"i changed jobs and was on a moter traders insurance , i was test driving a sales car at new job first day and was stopped by police as it came up no Insurance .the boss was in the procces of putting me on that day . they took the car but to stop new boss getting in trouble i lucky said i was buying the car of him . they hinted he could be charged for ading and abetting the affence lol . we got it out on trade insurance nect day 170 , but police said if you insure a car it will not be on database for 74 hours lol. so be worned carry covernote , and phone number of Insurance company at all times ! remember in the polices eyes computer dater base is always correct . ( if you start Insurance on friday pop down the shop that night and get stopped and leave it all at home ur screwed ! "

To many laws

"I got stopped today as my insurance ran out..However the car I was driving belonged to my mother who is insured on the car.Can the police still seize the car even though my mother came to collect the car."

mr ronsey

"I have seen this on tv and I agree that cars should be insured. If the car does not have insurance how can police officers drive the car. they may be insured to drive any car, but that must be with the owners permission and the car must have insurance in its own right. if this it not so there must be one law for the police and another law for the public."


"i got stopped on my motorbike before , i had my licence/insurance paper's to proove i had insurance yet they still did not belive me! they said that the computer was showing no insurance i argued that i did , i had the proof in front off me , yet they still wanted to seize my vehicle , so i wasen't having it , I ARGUED AND ARGUED , but no they was gna take my bike soo i just flipped started my bike and rode away (stupid i know) i did not stop till i got back home wich was atleast 25 miles away , i did not break no speed limits or anything , i rode it in to my back garden where i was jumped on by a officer and chucked to the floor and sprayed by pepper spray , i was arrested and taken to the police station , i was charged with riding a vehicle with no valid insurance , SPEEDING!(wich was prooven i wasent thank's to video footage) , something about not stopping (cant remember the word for it), i got my lawyer involved and went to court i was not having my bike taken away for being LEGAL , i was fined 2000 pound and banned for 3 year's , maybe i made it worse by riding away but thats what anger does , i have no respect for the police anymore , they need to sort this s**t out inoccent ppl loosing there vehicles and made to pay big fee's RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "


"ancer for tom the owner of your car is the governmant as when you registered it with the D.V.L.A you handed over title ownership of thecar to them, who conditionlly upon following ther petty rules and regs enforcing there stelth taxs."

ian minton

"To Douglas Dwyer and others who have been abused by the police: If you want help and advice about how to get compensation then contact me through, the site that campaigns on behalf of Victims of the Department for Transport. Even BBC Watchdog are on to this now (see programme on 7/7/10). The Motor Insurers Database is simply not fit for purpose and about 14 innocent drivers are falsely accused every month. Last year there were over 200 cases in London alone. The system is seriously, seriously messed up."

Stephen Farndon

"My car with foreigner registration plates been seized by traffic police.I have one full and one third part(green card) insurance all valid until 2011!Now to receive my car from the police pound I need insurance on my chassis number.I have call more than 30 insurance companies whit the above request.No one do such insurance!?! Can anyone help me?"


"my car got taken of me because it did.nt show up as insured wich it was i took insurance details to police station they said every thing was ok then was told to sort out whith fam recovery they said i still had to pay recovery charge ..i did.nt have it so left it ..then got letter from dvla saying some one has applied for log book ???????????? out of order"

k walker

"7 named drivers on my car which was stopped in London at 9pm this evening the police said that the driver was not on their database. I was phoned by the driver whilst he was with the police. I had the certificate with the named driver in front of me. The police refused to believe me. Next day the insurer confirmed that there had been no change in the policy for the past year. They confirmed that they transmitted all details to the police computer. The insurer was not available to access the computer at 9pm. Significant costs incurred as the result how do I reclaim? The police said they would note my complatint and phone back but have not done so. "

Douglas Dwyer

"My insurance company accidentally cancelled my policy and I didn't discover this for 2 months. I presume had I been stopped in the meantime then my keys would have been confiscated yet I'd have been convinced I had a valid policy. I imagine getting my insurance company to cover any fees due to their mistake would have been difficult!"


"how come MY car can be crushed without being found guilty of a crime under COMMON LAW,and if i am not the owner, who is! "


"I just got stopped by the police again for having no insurance even though I am insured. They didn't seize my car this time. Their computer is WRONG! If any innocent driver has had their car seized by the police while fully insured then go to and add your strory to the campaign to get this stupid law changed."

The Persecuted Motorist

"We too had our car taken away on the spot because it didn\'t show up on the data base. We renewed our insurance in March and its now May - so there was no reason for it not to be on there. The police were very good in our case and even gave my husband a lift home, but we\'ve incurred about £200 worth of fees. We\'ve got the car back now after producing documents (which we\'ll never travel without now), but I couldn\'t get to work and let down a whole load of people and only just made it to an important interview the next day - the stress caused was enormous! Its a flawed system."


"My car was taken coz i didnt have no tax, ive got insurance and MOT, is it ryt for them to take my car???"


"This is a flawed system the National Insurance database system is not always correct. Worst still if your stopped on a Sunday when your insurance company has closed you may have no way of proving you have insurance until you either get home and produce your documents (which by then your car will be seized) This happened to me yesterday on my way to work 25 MILES from home, the essex police traffic officer left me standing at the side of the a13 took my car with the baby seat in it as well! At first i thought it was some sort of joke or an easily corrected thing, but when i got home about two hours later, i went to my local police station to produce my documents, only to find that because he reported me for no insurance i will have to attend court even if i have a valid policy, if i had given my documents into the Police station they would have sent it off for six points. So far its cost me £45 pounds for the cab home £170 plus 20(one day storage) if i recover the car today. £35 for the taxi to pound £90 for my lost earnings on the day i took A/L for the day at work £1.30p for a recorded delivery postage stamp to request a court hearing and no doubt another £90 for when i have to attend court to prove I have a valid policy I WILL GET ALL MY MONEY BACK and more if i can for the major inconvenience but no doubt it will but a long process However the worst thing I have experienced was the way this Essex Traffic Police Officer 711 spoke to me, i have never been arrested in my life or even had points, but yesterday could have been that day it took some restraint for me to take the pompous attitude of this guy Donít get me wrong i am 'Pro Police' but certain people really shouldnít be in there job I believe this 711 to be a complete waste of space not because of what he done, but due to his arrogant lackadaisical attitude. I encourage all people to complain to the IPCC (independent police complaints commission) or DPS (department of professional standards) if you feel that you have been mistreated by a police authority. "


"Please reply any of you that have had your car taken and unfortunately crushed- did they also crush your belongings inside the car or do they have to remove them and give them back by law Thanks"

Paul Smith

"my son had his car seized! now i cant collect it, because although im fully comp and can drive any car (with owners permission) a clause says not if its to \\\\"


"24th January 2010 We were stopped by the police yesterday for speeding and they said we had no insurance. We had just bought our car and had arranged insurance cover, but we had left the cover note at home. The usual story, the police said we didn\'t show up on their database and that unless we got ourselves insured there and then they would impound our car. We phoned our insurance company who denied any knowledge of us even though they had sent us a cover note, so we had no choice but to reinsure and are now in the process of claiming our money back from the insurers and are busy trying to find out who has been so negligent. Is it the police database or the insurers who are at fault? The police said that even though we had a new license(how could we have got that without the insurance?) and a cover note, this made no difference. The whole thing is outrageous and it is intolerable that we are all at the mercy of a lousy, negligent and inefficient system which gives the police the opportunity to penalise people and cause them huge additional expense through no fault of their own."

Suffolk resident

"the police themselves have no insurance!!!!!!!!!!!!! they have a certificate of indemnity ,,,,,why should they get out of it ??????????"


"I was in a car crash today in the person who hit me didnt have car insurance and i didnt neither ,also i was not at fault and the guy who hit me got away scott free.With no damages done to his car but my car was damage so bad that it is not in driveable so bascically it was terrible that he was allowed to drive away with getting into trouble."


"the police stop me and took my car to the compound, they said i add no insurance, but i add, then when i went to pick up my car they said i could,nt because my insurance add a clause in it says i woz not covered, to pick a car up from the compound, so even though i am legal owner i still can,t get it back any help plz"


"yes i disagree, twice I have been stopped in one year for no insurance when I DO have insurance and proved it after but that doesnt stop the humiliation and distress being stopped for it when their database is very obviously WRONG!"

Tracy Talbot

""bet there are more people with insurance having accidents all together than people with none would it not make sense if you do not have insurance you would be more carefull? " Not necessarily. I knew a few people over the years who drove without insurance. Cheap bangers, low cost as no insurance, so no tax, pay £50, run it into the ground and buy another..easy come-easy go, so didn't care too much about driving standards. My dad was a victim of a hit n run accident a few years ago in the lane about 300yards from his home..police said it's probably non-insured drivers. A close family friend who is in his 70's was also a victim recently"


"We\\\'re having problems with this at the mo, paid upfront for the year for car insurance 2 weeks ago with the AA... went to tax car online and DVLA have no record of car being insured...phoned DVLA, they say the same. AA say it might take a little while for DVLA to update thei records - that#s no good to me!!! Panicking now after reading this that the police will take car from us and leave us with the costs of retrieval. Btw just read post from moped driver re crashing - you\\\'ve only had your licence a very short amount of time. Don\\\'t be so smug about not crashing - you cannot say that you WILL NOT crash - crashes are accidents, not done on purpose, and not all of them are caused by idiots who drive badly - good drivers can (and do) have accidents too. Most people will do something to their vehicle in their lifetime, it happens. Being on your high horse about not crashing when you\\\'ve had your licence for a year is setting yourself up for a fall..."


"the police only have a right to sieze your vehicle if it being used in an antisocial manner or if the vehicle is being used illegally on the road,they must check that you have insurance manually, by phone, or by way of the police/insurance database. if you have insurance and and you are legal to drive in every other way but it does not come up on the data base they must issue a hort1(document producer )they cannot just seize your car.if you have your insurance document with you and they still seize your car ,they have commited an illegal act of theft for which they can be held accountable?and if you still feel aggreived take them to the small claims court it costs about 15.00 and you will win if you had the documents at the time. "


"can anyone else get my car out of compound if their fully comp"

s mellor

"i had my car impounded today for no insurance... which i did have! i produced all documents i was asked to, i done this within 3 hours, but im still being made to pay 170 pounds compound fee why is this???"


"I understand that the police use the MID (motor insurance database,)to check your insured, you can also check this as well on the net, I have and although my bike is insured and has been since April the data base says no, my insurance Co have said that the database controllers have not up dated it correctly and will e-mail them, i'm still waiting for it to be corrected. I would strongly advise you all to check the data base and if you dont get the green light contact your insurance company and ask them to get it resolved"

Phil Turner

"I have been stopped by the police on this matter twice now, and they have not been able to find the insurance compnay I was insured with and took my car and left me on the road side. They were smug and happy about it to! They then put the responsibility on me to pay the impound fees!? This matter works if the police catch the people who are genuinely driving with out any licenses and don't intend to get any. If your not a resident of this country and don't have the valid licenses; I've seen police just let people go because they can't be bothered with the paperwork. This "No car Insurance" scheme doesn't work for people who have all there licenses but the police data base can't find the insurance company over their special network phones. Also for people who "have" all there licenses but have forgot or are in the process of re-newing their policies and been caught in the couple of day gap. It should be the 7day license producer that still takes priority, instead of the police being happy and ready to impound your car, its ridiculous and immoral. I've also been involved in a hit and run incident and the driver who drove off had a false number plate and the police didn't take the time to chase up on who it could have been... again i was left on the road side helpless. Rules and laws like these takes away our rights as Uk residents treating us like secondary citizens. Putting pressure on people to take legal action against the Police when they make mistakes, costing the tax payer's money and wasting time in and out of the court room."

Mr B Lewis

"load of rubbish ive seen and know of people with insurance being in an accident even seen bare cop cars crashing during their blue light calls,bet there are more people with insurance having accidents all together than people with none would it not make sense if you do not have insurance you would be more carefull? plus i have a mate who has driven most his life without a license & insurance he was extra careful and of police but now he has a license he's let loose of caring, i think that would go for most people to. its unfair for people not 2 pay insurance when others do but i think that all these statistics are just the governments way of making money they tax us when we are dead,ill or happy in marriage pay no attention 2 what they say and think of it as us looking after each other. gov???"


"They took my car , it was tax insured & mot'd & they said my full driving licence was revoked ? "

From Colin

"I disagreed with all this system. Because it\'s doesn\'t work right. They should find another way. Stop to play with tax payer citizens and make our life really hard. "


"It doesnt matter if you have an insurance document in the car or not if the computer says it is not covered the car has gone! It is a breach of our human rights to seize our cars for any reason it is theft period!"


"it always amazes me how quick people are to line up like sheep to be * ripped off by the government. the one guy that stated 'just keep a copy of your insurance in your car, simple isnt' what a moron, if he would have read the posts, several people HAD insurance but the police wanted more proof. i say all the idiots that line up for the slaughter should be crushed in their cars for being so stupid..."

everything sucks

"no i don't agree with the police having the rights to seize our cars its a big waste of tax payers money and a profit rip off and police should be doing much better things than sitting on looking at cars going by them "

mr j deacon

"It's unbelievable how many people just don't seem to understand. If you are driving without insurance you are breaking the Law. You are a criminal just the same as a person who goes into a jewellers and Steals some diamonds. You are a Criminal, Just the same as a Drunken Yob who lashes out at an innocent member of the Public. And the good thing for all of us Law Abiding Members of the Public is.. If you keep on doing it you will lose your Cars - Sorted....And rightly so."

Phil Tilbury

"People who drive whilst uninsured should have their car Crushed and in my Humble opinion preferably with them still in their car...."

Phil Tilbury

"Cumbria Police seized my car when I was insured. Cost me £740 including lost wages. Still haven't got it back. The Information Commissioners Office are on the case because the Police Database was wrong. It's wrong to have to PAY THE POLICE to get your car back. They should return it to you immediately to the place of your choice at their expense. I've made Freedom Of Information requests to all 52 Police Forces to find out the extent to this type of failure. So far only 10 have provided figures but it looks like there are about 18 wrongful seizures per month across the UK. See to contact me and get advice. My MP will take this further. If you are a victim then get your MP onto your case as well."

S.Farndon (The Persecuted Motorist)

"hi, Ive just been reading all the posts on the police who have been seizing vehicles. I was driving home with my girlfriend from the pictures in Liverpool. It was on a saturday evening. I was stopped by the police, they stated that my vehicle was not insured. I produced my driving Licence and Insurance certificate which states that i am fully comprehensively insured on any vehicle i own, or in my custody or control. the officers wanted me to produce my documents in the police station within 7 days. I refused saying i am a working family man with 3 kids to look after, i havnt got time to be attending the police station (thats why i carry my docs with me). They seized my vehicle and left myself and my girfriend in the rain 10 miles away from our house. I got the vehicle back a couple of weeks later at a cost of 300 pounds. can anyone please explain to me how these type of laws assist in the safety of road users and in detecting uninsured vehicles? the truth is, it is just another draconian measure implemented by a power hungry government and police state. It is marketed as a way of detecting uninsured drivers. this is a load of crap. The police in this country thrive off new Powers to harass and impose on people. We are walking rapidly into a Police state that will be far more restrictive of the old communist states we all feared at one time. In a couple of generations, all those men that were lost in the various wars fighting for our so called freedom will have died for nothing, because pretty soon, there will be no freedom of movement or expression. It will simply be Pay as you go, or pay the price!! P.S. god help us when we all have to carry I.D cards with RF id tags built in. Scary!"

concerned citizen

"And the moral of all these stories is - always carry a copy of your insurance in your vehicle. Simple, innit?"


"Date Added: Friday 28th March 2008 Ghost. "I'm 18, passed my test last summer, and i've put my moped registration plate on my car, I drive so well that the police never have any reason to stop me, and if the anpr system does a check the plate comes up as completely legal. If you crash a car, you shouldn't be on the road, It isn't difficult to not crash! I'm always aware of what's around me, what could happen ect ect, and I do not see why I should pay 140 pound a a month for a 1 litre car when I'm not going to crash! " Do you have your mopeds road tax on the car as well as the plates? Just letting you know that when the police arrest you for no insurance and driving on false plates, thay will also inform customs and excise, good luck,"

brian reid

"Under the Bill of Rights act 1689, a constitutional act that cannot be repealed, it is illegal for any goverment body to give a fine or forefeiture without first taking you to court. The act of taking the vehicle is illegal and negates the alleged offence for which the forfeiture was issued. Not to mention the fact that when you are taken to court for the offence and a penalty is issued you have then been sentenced for the same offence twice, illegal under the double jeopardy rules. The police swear an oath to uphold the constitutional rights of citizens and have a duty to disobey any order given that by parliment that is illegal. Quoteing Sir Winston Churchill "Thank god we have the Magna Carta Bill of Rights to protect us from an oppresive state"."


"i have just had my car lifted outside my house by the police i got insured yesterday and budjet would not answer the phone to speak to the police to confirm, will i still have to pay when cover note comes through the post?"

s williams

"I agree with everything and all the powers that they have BUT I am one of people driving "without insurance". which I was only trying to get a window as someone broke into my car. Now the Police tell me that I need to get a 30 days insurance to collect my car BUT BUT there is no such 30 days insurance. A insurance broker told me that 28 days is the maximum that you can get and that the Police know that but they just want to make life hard for everyone. Now not all illegal drivers are bad, like me I need to move it as someone broke in to my car just to find out that the Police where around the corner to STEAL my car and I have never had an accident before, 20.000 less because they are taking the vehicles away no NO NO insured drivers do accidents aswell they make it look like only uninsured drivers have accidents. I do not aggree with all the major powers that the police have been given. they are just too power happy (they abuse they powers) when you go to the car pound they are VERY VERY RUDE it's like they are in top of the WORLD"


"i was stopped on new year at 9 pm by traffic police in waltham cross herts he said he stopped me for a side light out i was outside the chinesse as i was waiting for my food to be cooked as i know the chinesse people very well i was asked if i could collect two food bags for them 1 mile up the road from there driver as he had broke down and they was very busy so when i got stopped the police asked what i was doing i said im returning his food bags to the owner he said im seizing your car as he thought i was working for them i was furious as i wasnt doing anything wrong i have insurance i have tax and mot and a full uk licence i was given a fixed penalty of £200 and six points which i refused at roadside and said il see him in court i have recovered my car back at a cost of £229 now i have the worry of court procedings when i am innocent what gives the police the right to seize my car for that reason im gutted only just bought car cost me a extra £160 to swap my insurence over to my golf cabriolet i have posted letters to the seizure dept and they wont reinburst my costs im fuming "

warren davison

"I had my car seized just last week. The police called me at work to say my car, which was up for sale outside my brother's home, was not insured. I explained to them that i had recently purchased a new car and had changed my insurance over to the new vehicle but i was fully comp so was of the impression that i was insured for any vehicle. The car they seized had valid road tax and was parked up with "for sale" signs in the window. They eventually took the car and would not let me move it just 4 feet so that it would then be off the road. I think the system is failing as it does not target the real criminals out there. I have seen many cars up for sale, i dont believe their owners are paying for 2 lots of insurance at any 1 time!!! My car had valid road tax; if i where trying to cheat the system it would not have had that on it.There should be more scope for those people who have made genuine mistakes x "

Sue C

"I fully agree with you Ken as such an incident happened to my father last night/today. They took the car and just left him at Heathrow. I would have thought that what happened in Monique's case would have been more appropriate as today we provided the insurance details and reclaimed the car after paying £150. Its out of order and I'm looking for a way to complain and get our money back."


"Whilst I agree entirely with the concept of seizing cars that are being driven by uninsured drivers; I have grave concerns over the accuracy of the Police database. Several cases have recently come to my attention where the Police's database is inacccurately indicating that a car is not insured, and the car was seized (and the driver put to considerable inconvenience, and expense). In one such case the insurance had been in place for eleven months, so it was not due to it taking a couple of days for the DVLA computer to catch up. The Police claimed that their computer is updated every two or three minutes and therefore "there could be no mistake". In one case a young mother with baby in arms was stranded at the side of the road by a Police patrol when she was fully insured, but the Police's computer did not say so. It could be that these people are lying through their teeth, but somebody needs to investigate such claims properly and if there is real evidence that the Police database contains such innaccuracies, then this practice needs to be STOPPED. We are supposed to live in a society where we are innocent until proved guilty. If the Police cannot guarantee the accuracy of their data then they have no business putting law abiding citizens to such inconvenience. They should find a better way of getting uninsured drivers off our roads."


"Paul, as you will have found out by now, the insurance will cover him although they will try to worm out of it. For something like that while he could lose his licence and be fined £2500 what I\\\'m guessing happened is he kept his licence, didn\\\'t receive any points and was fined between £50 and £100. P.S. This article says being fined less than the insurance costs is not justice, but they will also get banned from driving if they had no licence or 6 points towards a ban with, and if they violate a driving ban it\\\'s off to jail for them, so the law is roughly appropriate."

p law

"I was stopped on Saturday 20th for apparently not having insurance. I'd arranged it over the phone so it would be tranferred over to my new vehicle on the Friday 19th. But it's Monday 22nd now and still it's not showing up on the database. I'm not impressed. The policeman who stopped me was very nice and said he believed me. Then he breathalised me and made me stand on one leg and all that rubbish. But at least he didn't take my car away. I have to produce my insurance certificate within 7 days. I rang the insurance company to double check everything was in order and taped the conversation just to be on the safe side. I think the police are aware there is a delay. The insurance company said they send your details to DVLA and it should show up within 2 days. I'm glad the police are doing a good job and getting the uninsured off the road. It wasn't a pleasant experience being stopped and breathalised when i was totally innocent though. I used this link to check my car today.... My old vehicle is still showing up as ok. I think they need to get something in place to make it show up instantly or at least give the insured some rights here. What would have happenned if the insurance company had messed up and i wasn't covered??? "


"Paul, the Police wouldnt just take your vehicle because you didnt have the paperwork. Your vehicle clearly wasnt showing any indication of being insured on the police national computer, or you didnt have your driving licence. The police could also check with the DVLA to see whether you hold a full driving licence. If these checks come back and you cant give a credible indication of your insurance company then they SHOULD take your vehicle because you are clearly not insured. These powers are great and should be used more to get rid of criminals using our roads for free"


"hi i have insurance but has i don't carry paper work they taken my car and i don't have money to get out of compound"


"hi my husband borrowed a friends van on the 17th 6 08 and was pulled by the police my husband is on my insurance fully comp has a full licence the police did a check and found his friends van to have no m.o.t on it my husband was in deep shock after finding this out now he is been charged with no m.o.t even when the van was only borrowed and there say he has no insurance he has taken paper work in to police but there is no m.o.t. paper has his friend has none where does he stand with the law"

d mccarrick

"police pulled me up today i drive an audi a3 in my bruvas name i drive it third party only on my fiesta policy the audi has no insurance but im insured behind the wheel but police say when i get out the vehical the car is illegal and can be seized ??? but my insurance say I'm legal long as vehical has MOT AND TAX AND OWNERS CONSENT?? and 1 got an answer ?? "


"The police took my car from me on the M6 on 22/03/08 saying that I had no insurance since 11/02/08. Myself and my family had to pick up what we could carry and walk off the motorway sliproad like refugees. Within the hour I had confirmation over the phone that from my insurance company that I was insured so the police were wrong. Had to take a day off work to go back to Cumbria to get my car back. Cost me wages plus train fares plus tow and storage charges - £500 in all. This police database idea stinks. It used to be 'innocent until proven guilty' but now it is 'guilty until proven innocent'. We're heading for a police state. Will take months to get my money back and probably get no compensation for 'wrongful arrest'."


"all very well my wife and i were stopped by a police man near chippenham on sat for no insurance on his data base we had insurance papers we were there for 50 min phoned insurance brokers closed didn't believe us let us go said car should be taken away he phoned insurance company monday first thing found to his dismay the car was insured data base is not 99.9 correct as hes told us wasted 1 hour of police time we are in our 50s no police record or trouble nasty time he wasent very nice"

j ramsey

"I'm 18, passed my test last summer, and i've put my moped registration plate on my car, I drive so well that the police never have any reason to stop me, and if the anpr system does a check the plate comes up as completely legal. If you crash a car, you shouldn't be on the road, It isn't difficult to not crash! I'm always aware of what's around me, what could happen ect ect, and I do not see why I should pay 140 pound a a month for a 1 litre car when I'm not going to crash! "


"Well I would say contact the police, but they may be busy trying to prosecute drivers that really have insurance by the looks of the comments below."


"i no someone with no car insurance and is driving around with out it i no the details of the car and where it is parked over night what can i do about this as am worried about other peoples safty"

un none identaty

"My son had his car confiscated and he had insurance that didnt appear on the computer. The police blamed the insurance company and the Insurance blamed police, who's to blame and who should pay the fine???"

s m sharpe



"i have car insurance but police too lazy to check so ive been charged with having no insurance because i lost my policy and duplicate was dated from date i phoned up for it -- anyway what do i care if they waste their time"

a thompson