Car Parking Prices

The Cost of Parking you car in different UK locations

Car parking charges drive everybody mad, on top of been charged a fortune for petrol, car tax, insurance and other car running costs you also have to pay for the privilage to stop driving your car and park it somewhere!

Variation in Car Parking Prices

But how much do you have to pay for car parking? And do car parking prices vary in different regions of the country? Whatprice want to find out! The table below shows all the data we have collected so far on car parking charges, showing you where the car parking location is, what sort of car park it is, and how much you have to pay to stay there. For most car parking we have quoted the charges by the hour, and assume that the average motorist parks their car for 2-3 hours. For places such as airport carparks we have included a section on 'overnight' parking, which gives the charges per day of car parking (assuming you park your car for 2-3 nights)

Car Parking Prices Database

 Location of Car Park  Type of Car Park  Car Parking Charge  Units Purchase Parking Ticket
Cambridge Street Parking £0.60 per hour  
Cambridge Multistorey Car Park £2.00 per hour  
Oxford Street Parking £1.00 per hour  
Oxford Multistorey Car Park £2.50 per hour  
London Street Parking £1.50 per hour  
London Street Residential Parking £100 per year  
Heathrow Airport Airport Parking£10per day Buy
Gatwick Airport Airport Parking £8.30 per day Buy
Glasgow Airport Airport Parking £6.30 per day Buy
Luton AirportAirport Parking£7.50per day Buy

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"What happens if you are fined because you had no ticket because the machine was broken? "

Jan McGregor Hepburn

"I recently parked in your town centre car park ib Bradford. This was in conjunction with Bradford Hilton Hotel next door. My car was parked between 15.16 09/07/10 and 17.08 11.07.10 . The charge was £14.40 . Please explain to me the promised Discount for this period. Thank You. Derek Little"

"Cheltenham £1.70 ph in car park near town. £1 p 1/2h outside council. £0.20 ph at Coronation Square"

Terri Eaden