Whether you like it or not (and see as you are reading this on a computer we will assume it is the former) Computers are growing ever more important in our lives. From surfing the internet, doing our shopping, checking out bank accounts and keeping in touch with friend and family, the home computer satisfys a large number of our lifestyle needs and wants.

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Computer Articles: Disclaimer
Maintitle About the article Date
Gadgets Are gadgets a waste of your money... 2012-12-02
Pinterest The latest social media site to sweep the nations is a creative mash of design and desire, mouth-watering recipes and high fashion - Pinterest.... 2012-08-18
Broadband Change How to change your broadband package... 2012-07-10
HDMI Cable Rip Off If you spend more than 15 on a HDMI cable then you are being completely ripped off. In fact usually you should not need to spend more than 5 on a HDMI cable.... 2011-02-06
Custom PC Buying a PC can be a daunting task, with some many different options out there and so many different places selling the humble PC. This article simply describes the steps I went through when looking f... 2008-04-13
Computer Posture Are you sitting square on to the computer, with both feet flat on the floor? Are your thighs at 90° to your lower legs and upper torso? Is the top of the screen eye level? Are your elbows at 90°... 2007-06-19
Music Downloads Downloading music has become extremely popular in the UK, but it can still be pretty confusing. There are some important differences between the major providers, so how do you decide which provider is... 2007-06-01
Wireless Networks Wireless computers and routers use radio waves to communicate.Here is a brief summary of the two wireless standards used in home networks today.... 2007-05-27
Satellite TV Satellite television or satellite TV is television delivered by way of orbiting communications satellites located 37,000 km above the earth's surface.... 2007-05-20
CD Cleaning Here, as simple as it may be, is my favorite solution for cleaning discs.... 2007-05-20
Temporary Internet Files Temporary Internet Files explained. There is also information how to delete temporary internet files and corresponding index.dat files.... 2007-04-29
Laptop Insurance Imagine if, for whatever reason, you were without your laptop. You need to do some work on it, or maybe some planning - you know why you need it.... 2007-04-29

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