Broadband Change

How to change your broadband package

With almost three quarters of Brits unhappy with their internet service, it's of no wonder that people are trying to switch their internet service provider or package. The problem facing many people however is that changing your broadband service provider can be a great hassle as many of these companies have multiple measures in place to keep you from leaving.

What's First?

Most internet contracts will have a specific contract length, ranging from 12-18 months depending on your agreement. If you happen to be right in the middle of your contract, changing your broadband package over to a new provider will be extremely costly, as you will be faced with a number of leaving fees. If you are particularly unhappy with your current internet package, it may be worth speaking with your current provider about upgrading your package to a faster more efficient internet connection.


It's vital that you know exactly what you would like from your new internet package. Was your previous connection too slow? Should you consider a more expensive fibre optic connection to satisfy your needs? Once you have a good idea of the services you need, it will make shopping around for the best packages much easier.

If you happen to be reaching the end of your current internet contract, it's well worth researching what the best deals on offer are. Watch out for companies offering no minimum contract deals as there is often small print that specifies the fees one may face if leaving within the first 12 months. When changing internet service providers, you may be faced with a lot of upfront costs for phone line installation and routers. With many companies competing for your custom, you can normally find a deal that won't charge you for these basic setup costs.


Once you have decided on your broadband package, you should contact your old internet provider for your MAC code. MAC (Migration Authorisation Code) is essentially an ID system for your connection, enabling your line to be switched over to your new provider with ease. Hopefully you should be much happier with the performance of your new internet connection. If you are disappointed with your new performance, it's recommended that you use a broadband speed checker to determine if you are in fact getting the service you were promised.

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