Are gadgets a waste of your money

We live in an age where new technology is leaping off the shelves at a scarily unprecedented rate. While people are saving up to fork out for the new iPhone 5, others decide to hold back in anticipation of the iPhone 5S, which is rumoured to hit stores next summer. You might want to start Googling ‘sell iPad' quite soon!

Undoubtedly, a lot of these gadgets are indispensable for some, and make life not just easier, but more streamlined in a fast-paced modern society, where everyone needs to be on top of everything.

This guide features several gadgets that we think are the biggest waste of money - be careful, and avoid them at all costs!

Expensive headphones

This is something that tends to fool quite a lot of people. So-called ‘fashion headphones' are being shown off by everyone; but apart from the look, what more can they offer? The sound quality is often poor, and they're not very durable.

Even if you went for expensive but great-sounding headphones, do you really, really need them? If you're not a musician or a sound editor, it's more than likely that you can save loads of money on straightforward, budget headphones that still do the trick for basic music listening.


We all thought they'd disappear completely after a few months, but it'll stump anybody as to why these ridiculously expensive things are still rolling around the streets. Some of them cost as much as cars!

While they might be well suited for certain things, like being a paramedic or a security official getting around music festivals, they are mostly useless. You can get far more exercise by biking around; you'll also get to where you're going far quicker.

Ice cream makers

These tend to fool everyone who doesn't want to fork out the big bucks for the professional equipment, which can cost thousands. The cheaper alternatives are shaped like bowls that are really difficult to store, given their unwieldy size.

Further reviews have found that with most of them, making a sizeable batch of ice cream usually requires higher-costing ingredients and is very time-consuming. Can you see yourself going through that every time you want to make some? If you really can't, you really shouldn't pay for one, or be tricked into thinking ‘I better sell my stuff for cash' to pay for it.

Twitter Peek

This is quite possibly the most pointless gadget of all time. It's a dedicated device for taking a look at your Twitter account while you're not at your computer, or when you don't have Internet.

That's it.

It's quite pricey, and on top of the unit cost, you have to pay a connection charge every month. Given that you can just simply Tweet on your phone, it remains very unclear as to what purpose this device really has.

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