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The latest social media site to sweep the nations is a creative mash of design and desire, mouth-watering recipes and high fashion - it's a site for the blogger, the collector and retailer. It's a magnet for the procrastinator and the shopper, the foodie and traveller - it's everything you want it to be and more. So why not utilise this pin-board of snapshots to promote your business on a new and viral social media site? It's as simple and fun as it is addictive; this is Pinterest.

1. Take your time

As with all social media strategies, you have to treat it as a marathon rather than a sprint. Investing time in forming relationships with key ‘pinners' is like starting training as a virgin runner - it takes time, patience and determination. Luckily enough, you'll avoid the aches and pains of training for 26 miles of running but it will be just as rewarding. Once you've gained the trust of influential Pinterest users, they'll start to share your products, tips and photos more.

2. Crowdsource

Once you've made a presence online, it's important to keep your fans interested and engaged - ask those who follow you to pin a picture of themselves with their favourite product of yours on Pinterest and then tag you. This will show potential customers that your clients love your products, but will also show that you're worth a follow online as you're fun and creative. Of course, this kind of inbound marketing is best for small retailers, but if your company offers a service such as  public liability insurancetradesman insurance  or other services which are not physical, find ways to spread the word visually and you're onto a winner.

3. Have a purpose

Make sure your boards tell stories - this should cover the moods and personalities of your products and staff, as well as pinning images and infographics from companies and users other than yourself. This will ensure your followers that you want to engage, rather than just advertise and will give them a reason to follow you. If your pins are dull and uninspiring, you're unlikely to grow in the Pinterest community, however, add some popping colour and some quirky photography to spark interest, re-pins and maybe even migrations to Facebook and Twitter.

4. Be active

Staying active on your boards will convince users that you're worth a follow - it's the same rules that are played in the Twittersphere; if you're quiet, you're not worth the time. It's not just about updating your own boards though, but commenting on other pins that are doing the rounds within your circle.

5. Mind your manners

Etiquette is everything in social media, and as a company you can hardly afford to be the controversial one who gets penalised. Stick to the  rules laid out by Pinterest: be respectful, be authentic, credit your sources, and be respectful. It is also considered polite to stray away from self promotion too much - this isn't to say you should avoid pinning your own creative flair, but that you should mix it up with other pins that are relevant to your community.

Happy Pinning!

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