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Adding a conservatory to your house is one of the largest and most expensive home improvements that most people consider doing in the UK. Conservatory building is unfortunately an area that is popular with 'cowboys' and con-artists and so you should be very careful about your conservatory purchase.

This section looks at all aspects of buying a conservatory, from how to get the right price all the way through to maintaining your conservatory temperature in summer and winter.

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The following table gives examples of conservatory prices that our visitors have submitted. Please click on the link to go to a page with more detailed information.

Conservatory Costs: Disclaimer
Main Category Sub-category Submitted Price Units Date Updated
Replace Standard £12000 item/job 2007-08-08
Supply + build Deluxe £10000 item/job 2012-07-29
Supply + build   £10000 item/job 2009-03-11
Supply + build Basic £2200 item/job 2010-11-16

We have collected and written plenty of Conservatory articles, from how to deal with conservatory salesmen through to how to keep your new conservatory cool and buy the right Conservatory furniture. Please feel free to browse some of our most recent articles on conservatory topics.

conservatory Articles: Disclaimer
Maintitle About the article Date
Conservatory prices Example average prices to expect when buying a conservatory or sunroom... 2015-03-23
Home Conservatory Adding a conservatory to your home can pay for itself and add value... 2011-11-24
Conservatories, Sunrooms and Patios The better living with lustrous design and Low-E glasses gives you unrestricted view of the surrounding within the comfortable coziness of the glass enclosed area.... 2011-04-29
Georgian and Victorian Conservatories Want to know the difference between Georgian and Victorian design on...... 2011-04-29
Gazebos Gazebos can be a vital solution for those who love nature and want to see its beauty in the open. Most people would like to sit outside of their home to enjoy nature. A gazebo will also make being out... 2011-04-29
Conservatory Glossary A glossary of terms used in the selling and construction of conservatories... 2011-04-23
Conservatory Orange Trees The warmth and protection of a conservatory make it an ideal place to grow an orange tree during the winter months. During the summer it can be brought outside and enjoyed in the garden or patio.... 2011-04-23
Garden Conservatory Advice on choosing the right type of conservatory design and features so that it can be used as a garden conservatory.... 2011-04-23
DIY Conservatory Building a self build conservatory is actually quite a straight-forward task and if you are a competent DIY enthusiast you will find adding a new conservatory to your home is relatively easy and not a... 2010-08-29
Conservatory Cleaning In order to keep your conservatory in tip top condition, you will need to clean it. ... 2010-08-29
Planning Permission For Conservatories and Other Extensions Adding a conservatory or extension to your home can dramatically increase its value. Our article explains the rules and regulations you need to follow when extending your home. ... 2010-08-25
Conservatories - the options This gave me great ideas on styles, and ways of upgrading my conservatory. It also gives simple information on your choices when looking at getting a new conservatory.... 2010-07-17
Conservatory Roofs Good information on the many choices of style and finish if you go for a upvc conservatory and roof. Good tips on securing your conservatory from break-ins as well.... 2010-07-17
Uses for your Conservatory This article gives some great ideas on how to put your conservatory to good use.... 2010-06-06
Conservatory Plants Raising indoor plants is still the number one reason for building a conservatory. Gardening, whether indoor or outdoor is a very pleasurable and relaxing activity. ... 2010-02-17
Conservatory Roof Blinds A conservatory without conservatory roof blinds is at a distinct disadvantage, and there are significant costs involved in not having them.... 2010-01-28
New Conservatory Adding a conservatory structure to your home would be a great idea provided you have the appropriate directions to go about it. Opting to build a conservatory and choosing the right model are both com... 2009-10-29
Conservatory Building You can choose between building your own conservatory and buy one of those conservatory kits or DIY conservatory. But if you are really looking to save the most money, why not choose a self build or ... 2009-10-28
Cane Furniture The conservatory is a big part of any property. It can increase the value of the property, depending on the type of conservatory you have built. Many homeowners find that there is a need to furnish th... 2009-06-04
Victorian Conservatory The Victorian conservatory does deserve its immense popularity amongst homeowners. It is a very beautiful style, and it harkens back to a time in British history when the United Kingdom is one of the ... 2009-05-14
Modern Conservatories Modern conservatories are today's take on the traditional conservatory. They are a solution for people who do not feel that the conservatory done in the traditional style is for them. ... 2009-05-14
DIY Conservatory Companies By buying DIY conservatory kits instead of hiring a contractor, homeowners can save thousands of pounds on this particular home improvement project. However, total satisfaction with a DIY conservator... 2009-05-10
DIY Hardwood Conservatory What makes a DIY hardwood conservatory so special? There are many myths and rumours about hardwood conservatories that made many homeowners turn away from them. These myths and rumours particularly ... 2009-05-10
Fitting Conservatory Blinds If you are in the process of decorating the interiors of your conservatory and if you know how to fit conservatory blinds, it may be more to your advantage if you installed your conservatory blinds on... 2009-05-10
External Conservatory Blinds Exterior conservatory blinds are the answer to the problems that internal conservatory blinds sometimes cannot solve, which mainly involves temperature control. With internal conservatory blinds, the... 2009-05-10
Edwardian Conservatory When you go shopping for a conservatory, one of the decisions you will have to make would concern the conservatory's style and design. If you ask your builder or supplier for a conservatory with a tra... 2009-05-09
DIY Lean-to Conservatory The DIY lean-to conservatory is one of the most popular choices when it comes to conservatory styles. The lean-to conservatory style truly holds an appeal that transcends tastes amongst homeowners. ... 2009-05-06
Bespoke Conservatories Conservatories are a huge investment. Their importance as an investment lies on the same level as that of your car or even your house itself. If you are going to spend your money on this kind of inves... 2009-05-06
Aluminium Conservatories: Aluminium conservatories, as made obvious by their name, are conservatories whose frames and supports are made completely of aluminium bars. Because aluminium is a type of metal that is sturdy but eas... 2009-05-06
Price of DIY Conservatories Are you thinking of building a conservatory on your property? Before you go ahead with your shopping for DIY conservatory kits, you should sit down and give it a thought first, especially when it com... 2009-05-06
Lean-To Conservatory If you fancy a conservatory on your property but the size of your grounds and the costs involved are preventing you from having one, you may consider building a lean-to conservatory. This style of con... 2009-05-04
Conservatory Design It is always fun to create your very own conservatory design if you are planning to put up one on your property. By coming up with your own design for your conservatory you can be sure that you will g... 2009-05-04
Hardwood Conservatory Whilst it cannot be denied that uPVC conservatories make having a conservatory more affordable and easy to do for most homeowners, these plasticised conservatories cannot really match the beauty and e... 2009-05-04
Contemporary Conservatories As the name suggests, contemporary conservatories are conservatories done in modern and simplistic lines. It does not mean that just because they are not Victorian or Edwardian, they are not as beauti... 2009-05-04
Kitchen Conservatory The kitchen conservatory is more common in modern homes and is typically a bespoke conservatory. It is a great idea to turn a usually neglected spot in the house into a space that is more useful and m... 2009-05-04
Conservatory Heating In order to use a conservatory during the winter months it will require some form of heating. This article looks at different types of heating and tries to compare their purchase and running costs plu... 2009-05-01
Cheap Conservatory Blinds It is often observed that when homeowners go for cheap DIY conservatory kits, they also go for cheap conservatory blinds. ... 2009-05-01
Conservatory Roof Blinds There are other things that you should consider aside from the actual construction of the conservatory. For one, you would need to furnish it with the appropriate conservatory furniture. For another... 2009-04-29
DIY Conservatory Blinds Aside from being a truly satisfactory personal project, creating your own DIY conservatory blinds has its own practical appeal.... 2009-04-29
Cheap DIY Conservatories Not all cheap DIY conservatory kits are lacking in quality, but it is not unheard of to get one whose materials are inferior that the end result does not give total satisfaction.... 2009-04-26
DIY Conservatory Kits Will you will engage a contractor to build your conservatory for you, or if you will buy DIY conservatory kits and build one yourself.... 2009-04-26
Self-build your conservatory? Should engage a conservatory building contractor to get the job done for you or whether you should just get self-build conservatories.... 2009-04-24
Conservatory price? As a rough guide a very basic professionally fitted conservatory can cost from 5000. If you can't afford that then maybe think of a DIY kit which could cost up to 1500 less. However, the actual pric... 2009-04-14
Why build or buy a Conservatory? Thinking of buying or building a conservatory or maybe confused or interested as why your friends and neighbours have opted for a conservatory which isn't, after all, a cheap home improvement?... 2009-04-14
Conservatory Fitted There are fancy and great conservatory designs that give you a special reason to fit them in your house especially when you want to have that perfect look. They are not only perfect as traditional sun... 2009-04-13
Self Build or DIY Conservatory What are the pro's and con's of a self-build conservatory, what's the procedure and how much money will it save me?... 2009-04-10
Cane Conservatory Furniture Of all the types of furniture that can be chosen to outfit a conservatory, most people select cane conservatory furniture. There are many reasons why, but mostly it is because this style of furniture ... 2009-04-05
Cheap Conservartory Furniture If you are like most people these days, you are holding off on buying new furniture for your conservatory. That is probably because you do not know if you can afford to refurbish your conservatory and... 2009-04-05
Conservatory Dining Furniture One of the great things about having a conservatory at home is that you can use it for whatever purpose that you want. It could be your sanctuary when you need some quiet and solitude. It can serve as... 2009-04-05
Contemporary Conservatory Furniture Is contemporary or modern conservatory furniture appropriate? This may be a question that lingers in your mind and creates doubts about building a conservatory in your home. ... 2009-04-05
Wicker Conservatory Furniture When you visit a store or a showroom that sells furniture and decor for conservatories, you are likely to find many pieces of wicker conservatory furniture. It does not matter if these furniture piece... 2009-04-05
Discount Conservatory Furniture During these hard times, where the economic crisis has forced people to reconsider their spending habits, buying discount conservatory furniture is a good choice to make if you find yourself needing n... 2009-04-05
Garden Conservatory Furniture Many conservatories are enclosed spaces, separated from the outdoor space they look out to by large glass windows. But there are also conservatories that open out to the gardens and the landscape that... 2009-04-05
Teak Conservatory Furniture Teak conservatory furniture can be seen to be quite expensive, especially when compared to its cane or rattan counterparts. Nonetheless, conservatory furniture pieces made from teakwood remain popular... 2009-04-05
Wooden Conservatory Furniture Today, most homeowners shy away from buying wooden conservatory furniture. They think that such a type of furniture is not only expensive but also hard to maintain. In these days, when the economy is ... 2009-04-05
Conservatory Air Conditioning Too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. Take back control of your conervatory with some new air conditioning.... 2009-03-14
Conservatory Pleated Blinds What are pleated conservatory blinds, what do they look like, what features to look out for and how much roughly will pleated blinds cost to install ni my conservatory?... 2008-07-29
Conservatory Roofs Advice on choosing the right type of conservatory roof.... 2008-07-23
Conservatory Blinds Explains the types of conservatory blind, what they are good for and how much they will roughly cost.... 2008-07-23
Conservatory Furniture Rattan, wicker, teak, iron, plastic - which material should I use for my conservatory furniture and how much will it roughly cost?... 2008-07-23
Conservatory Prices As a rough guide a you can be charged from 5000 for very basic professionally fitted conservatory. If you can't afford that then maybe think of a DIY conservatory kit which could cost up to 1500 les... 2008-07-23
Conservatory Solar Coating Evaluation What are Conservatory Solar Coatings and can they be used instead of conservatory blinds?... 2008-04-16
Different Types of Conservatory Help is given as the what type of conservatories are available and the best way to decide which is the most appropriate style for your home. The article describes what to consider in order to give you... 2008-02-01
Conservatory Design How to go about designing your conservatory and make the best use of the light and space it will provide. Information is given on what are the best materials and colors to use for this extension to yo... 2008-02-01
Conservatory Purchase All sorts of information is provided on the costs of purchasing, building and designing a conservatory for your home. The benefits of adding a conservatory to your home are also discussed.... 2008-02-01
Building a Conservatory Explanation of how to make your own conservatory and what factors to consider prior to undertaking such a large project. The article discusses the need for a proper foundation, as well as how to choos... 2008-02-01
Conservatory Contractor Selection Advice on how to select the best contractor to build your conservatory. It includes information about the questions that need to be asked regarding their experience and credentials.... 2008-02-01
Old Conservatory Having moved into my house a year ago I have decided it is time to assess the state of my conservatory with an eye to getting it replaced or at least making it look more presentable! This blog discuss... 2007-12-24
Conservatory Buying Advice on what to consider when buying a conservatory... 2007-11-05
Sunroom Luxury A sunroom can be a wonderful place to enjoy the garden in the middle of winter, but it needs careful planning... 2007-11-05
Furnishing a Conservatory Conservatories are such lovely and serene rooms that homeowners want to spend a lot of time in them. However, you cannot enjoy your conservatory very easily without choosing conservatory furniture.... 2007-07-27
Conservatory Construction Conservatories remain a popular addition to homes around the world in the 21st century, and they have been used to enhance homes for over 300 years. Conservatories provide a transition between the mai... 2007-07-26
Planning Permission for Conservatories Conservatories - lets get it straight once & for all - If you were to ask 10 home owners about the Planning requirements for a conservatory I guarantee 8 out of the 10 would say 'Conservatories don't ... 2007-07-24
DIY Conservatory Assuming you have already decided on the style and size of the conservatory all you have to do now is make a decision as to which DIY conservatory to buy.... 2007-07-24
Conservatory price breakdown In this guide we attempt to answer questions often asked by clients - namely how much will it cost to construct a base and erect the conservatory? And can you give us some...... 2007-07-06
History of Conservatories A brief and interesting history on conservatories. ... 2007-07-02
Conservatory History The history of conservatories dates back to some Roman attempts to provide structures, which let in the light but kept out the cold. These structures were primarily made out of sheets of mica instead ... 2007-07-02
Hardwood Conservatory There are many options when considering building a hardwood conservatory. A cheap hardwood conservatory could last for less than ten years, whereas one built form a quality timber could last a lifetim... 2007-05-28
Conservatory Types Victorian, Gazebo, Georgian and Edwardian are some of the conservatory sun room styles you can select from, a range of wood types to build your sun room, including oak, maple, cedar, mahogany and fir.... 2007-05-13
Conservatory Companies Of all the Conservatory decisions to be made, however, the question of which conservatory manufacturer to award the contract to is the most crucial.... 2007-05-13
Conservatories Construction Building a self build conservatory is actually quite a straight-forward task and if you are a competent DIY enthusiast you will find adding a new conservatory to your home is relatively easy and not a... 2007-05-13
Conservatory or Sunrooms If possible, view some installations done by your proposed supplier. Talk to their customers about how the builders went about their work, whether there were any major delays etc.... 2007-05-13
Conservatories and Sunrooms In the UK the conservatory as a live-in sunroom has become nothing short of a £15 billion ($25 billion) a year industry. It is now estimated that one in every four homes in the UK has a con... 2007-05-13
Conservatory Sunroom Homeowners who want to add a sunroom onto their house will be pleasantly surprised at the number of options available to them. After considering what type of sunroom will work best and the budget for ... 2007-05-13
CONSERVATORY Building Cost estimates for general conservatory building work in the UK. This category concentrates on identifying and estimating all the costs the a new conservator...... 2007-01-16
Conservatory Building Regulations Do I need to follow building regulations when I build my conservatory?... 2007-01-16
Conservatory Advice Mark out in your garden where the conservatory will approximately go to get a feel for how much space it will take. Is there still enough room for an outside seating area if you need one?... 2007-01-16
Buy a Consevatory In this section some tips for conservatory buyers are presented- we hope you find these bits of advice helpful in your conservatory search. ... 2007-01-14
Conservatory Plants If you are lucky enough to have a conservatory, or are considering getting one then you should really consider brightening up the place with a few plants. And seeing as you have a nice warm conservato... 2007-01-13
Conservatory or not? With such a difficult decision to make it is helpful to remember the following points. In most cases it may be cheaper to move house rather than build a conservatory, this is especially so if you are ... 2007-01-12
Conservatory Frame A brief guide to the different choices of materials to build the frame of your conservatory.... 2007-01-12
Conservatory cooling part II Follow-up to How can I cool my conservatory in which a quieter portable air condtioning unit is investigated.... 2007-01-12
Conservatory Cooling What actually work and whats just marketing rubbish about cooling your conservatory... 2007-01-12
An Orangery Ever wondered about the origin of the Orangery?... 2007-01-12
Conservatory Design There are many factors to consider when thinking about the design of your conservatory. The style of your house for instance and finding a design to compliment it and fit with the era of it. Your budg... 2007-01-12
Conservatory Insulation With ever increasing heating costs, the insulation value or the ability of your new uPVC conservatory to retain heat during the colder months of the year is becoming an even more important factor to c... 2007-01-12
What is FENSA? FENSA was set up by the Glass and Glazing Federation because from 1st April 2002 all replacement glazing in houses comes under building regulations. The main aim being to ensure that all replacement w... 2007-01-12
Conservatory sales tactics It's a bit of a cliche to have the hard sell from double glazing and conservatory sales people but it still happens. Here I will tell you of a few typical approaches they will make to convince you tha... 2007-01-12
Conservatory Planning Permission If you want to have a conservatory built then you may have to seek planning permission first. here are some guidelines as to whether you have to or not.... 2007-01-12
Prices of Conservatories The table below details the mains costs and prices associated with building or improving a conservatory. These figures are a guide to the costs and will be dependent on the location and materials used... 2007-01-12
Sunroom Design Tips Are you brainstorming a creative way to construct the sunroom of your dreams? ... 2006-12-04
Kitchen Conservatory Believe it or not, a conservatory or sunroom is not just a place to grow beautiful plants, trees and flowers, entertain company and guests or sit quietly and relax with a good book.... 2006-12-04
Conservatory Sunrooms The conservatory -sunroom, is this UK phenomenon about to hit the other side of the Atlantic? ... 2006-09-22
Sunrooms A specially built room enclosed mostly with glass to afford maximum exposure to sun is what is called a sunroom. If properly planned, the sunroom can be as comfortable as any other room in your house.... 2006-09-22
Oak Conservatories Oak is now the most popular European hardwood for conservatories and orangeries. Arguably the most beautiful of all woods used in these types of construction... ... 2006-08-28
Conservatory Finance Conservatories are a costly investment. If you choose to have one installed professionally, a basic conservatory will cost you about £5000. Doing it yourself with a kit will cost about £... 2006-07-21
Conservatory styles When it comes to choosing a conservatory, it is helpful to know more about the different materials used for conservatories as well as the various styles of conservatory. It is important to consider t... 2006-07-21
Conservatory Manufacturers It is often said that next to buying a home and a car, a conservatory is the greatest single investment made in life. As such choosing the right conservatory can be a daunting task.... 2006-06-30
Conservatory Snagging Find out what problems you should keep an eye out for before paying for your newly completed conservatory - Snagging your conservatory build... 2006-01-05
Conservatory Plan Helpful hints for you to plan your conservatory.... 2005-12-14

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