Fitting Conservatory Blinds

How to Fit Conservatory Blinds: The Basic Principles

If you are in the process of decorating the interiors of your conservatory and if you know how to fit conservatory blinds, it may be more to your advantage if you installed your conservatory blinds on your own.  Fitting conservatory blinds is a fairly simple task that does not require a lot of skill to complete.  Thus, you would be able to accomplish this task on your own easily enough without seeking the help of a contractor.

Of course, if you are too busy or if you just do not have the patience to do the job on your own despite having a good knowledge of how to fit conservatory blinds, then by all means you can go ahead and hire a contractor.  But for a simple project such as this one, it is definitely more economical to put up your conservatory blinds on your own.

How to Fit Conservatory Blinds: A Very Easy Task

If you know how to fit conservatory blinds and if you have an adequate awareness of how DIY projects are generally done, you would be aware of the fact that never has it been easier to complete tasks like this on your own than now.  Many manufacturers and suppliers are now catering to DIY enthusiasts and weekend warriors, and so you would find just about any DIY project possible bundled into a kit.

That is the gist behind how to fit conservatory blinds.  You simply buy a DIY kit containing these blinds, with everything pre-cut and pre-measured for your convenience and with all the trimmings included.  Once you have your kit and all the tools needed for the project, all that are necessary to complete it are willpower and elbow grease.  You really can do it fairly well enough without any help.

How to Fit Conservatory Blinds: The First Stage

As a person who knows how to fit conservatory blinds, you would have all the tools ready to get the work done.  What are the necessary tools for installing conservatory blinds?  First, you would need pencil, paper and a measuring tape.  That is for the initial stage of the project.

For the first stage of how to fit conservatory blinds, your goal is to take accurate measurements of the glass walls of your conservatory - the areas that you need to be covered by conservatory blinds.  It is very, very important that your measurements are truly accurate so that you would get perfectly fitting blinds for your conservatory.  If you are not confident about your initial measurements, do not hesitate to do it twice or even three times.

Once you have jotted down what you think are accurate measurements of your conservatory, the next step in the first stage of how to fit conservatory blinds is shopping for the DIY kit.  The DIY kit should contain the pre-cut and pre-measured fabric, as well as the brackets, screws, cleats and all the other accessories needed to install the blinds.  DIY kits for conservatory blinds come in standard sizes.  If you realise that the blinds you need fall in between two standard sizes, you should pick the bigger size.  It is easier to make cuts and adjustments on bigger blinds.

How to Fit Conservatory Blinds: The Second Stage

When you have the blinds ready and cut to fit the exact measurements of your conservatory, then you would be ready to proceed to the second stage of how to fit conservatory blinds.  This second stage involves actual installation.

All DIY kits for conservatory blinds are supposed to come with instructions on how to fit conservatory blinds which are specific to that particular product.  Make sure that your kit has these instructions.  If your DIY kit does not have it, you can check out your supplier's website to see if the instructions for your conservatory blinds are downloadable.  Or at least call up your supplier to send you the instructions.

The tools you would need in this stage of how to fit conservatory blinds are your power drill, the drill bits, a pencil and your Phillips screw driver.  Phillips screw drivers are also called cross-headed screw drivers.  Mark the spots on your conservatory walls where you want the holes to be drilled.  Make sure that the holes are drilled in such a way that your blinds will be straight and parallel with the other blinds when you are done.  Be careful where you drill your holes - it has to be somewhere safe and solid so you would not end up creating structural defects on your conservatory.

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