Refused conservatory planning permission

Refused planning permission for a Conservatory?

What happens when your planning permission application for a conservatory has been refused?

Firstly its important before you try to solve any problem to know exactly what the problem is and only the Planning Officer who rejected your application can tell you that. You will have received a refusal notice and the reasons will be listed on there but its best to have a chat in person about how the proposal could be modified so that the permission is granted.

If this doesn't work or is not possible then things get more complicated then you should start off by consulting The Planning Inspectorate where you will find a lot of advice about what will happen and how long it will take.

In summary though the appeals can be very lengthy and example off the government site says that a typical written appeal can take 18 weeks to process.

There are three types of appeal process.

Written appeals

To qualify for a written appeal a case should satisfy all the following criteria

A hearing


What's the most common form of appeal?

Currently 80% of appeals are of the written form, 16% are hearings and only 4% are enquiries. These statistics are not only for conservatories. Most of the appeals that end up as either hearings or inquiries will be for much larger planning consents than a conservatory. Expect your case to be dealt with in writing. It is also a government target to try and increase the number of cases that can be dealt with in writing.

How likely is my planning permission appeal to be successful?

In 2003-2004 the planning inspectorate received over 22,000 appeals and accepted 33%.


So, if your conservatory needs planning permission and it is initially refused all is not lost, but the process is lengthy and there is a high probability that the appeal will side with planning officer. The best advice is to discuss what was wrong and if possible amend the plans accordingly.

Refused Conservatory Planning Permission

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