Prices for Brickwork Construction and Repair

Q - I need some brickwork carrying out - what is the going rate for a bricklayer?

A - Depends on the nature and scope of the work but you should work on between £18 and £20 per hour.

Prices for Brickwork

Q - I'm getting quotes from three sub-contractors. Could you give me some prices per square metre of concrete blocks and bricks per thousand, so that I can compare prices?

A - Here are some approximate prices for labour only or labour and materials



  Labour (£)
 Materials (£)
 Total (inc overheads and profit)
 Blockwork 100mm thick 10 1226
 Blockwork 140mm thick 14 16 34
 Facing bricks in half brick wall £250 per 1000
 16 18 44
 Facing bricks in half brick wall £400 per 1000 18 26 58


Q - How much should I be paying for laying a blockwork wall?

Here are some costs per square metre for labour only, materials and what a contractor would charge including overheads and profit, all ex-VAT.

 Thickness Labour (£)
 Materials (£)
 75mm 12 8 20
 100mm 14 9 24
 140mm  16 10 28
 215mm 20 14 34

Wall Repair Work

Q - I bought a house recently and some of the bricks on the extension are losing their face. They look very unsightly and I am concerned about the stability of the wall. How much should it cost to replace each brick.

A - When the face of a brick ‘blows off' it is usually caused by water penetration expanding into ice that then dislodges the face. It is a cosmetic problem not structural and is a fairly straightforward job for a bricklayer to put right. I would budget for £6 to replace each brick although a bricklayer will probably want paying by the hour, say £18.

Q - The lead flashings on our house have come loose and water is beginning to penetrate into the walls. Can they be re-fixed and how much should it cost to carry out this work?

A - The flashing needs to be pulled away from the wall, the brickwork joint raked out, the flashing reset and the joint re-pointed. This should cost about £10 per linear metre for horizontal flashings and £16 for stepped flashings. These rates exclude the cost of scaffolding

Q - The manhole cover in our drive has come loose and the brickwork underneath looks damaged and needs rebuilding with a new cover. What it would cost to have this work done by a builder?

A - Provided that the base and channels are undamaged, I would budget for between £700 and £800 to rebuild the top three or four courses of brickwork and the fix a new cover.


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