Drainage Costs in a New Home

Q - Could you advise us on working out a budget for drainage work. We intend to let the work out but would like to have an idea of the likely overall cost involved?

A - The linear metre figures below cover the cost of excavating the trenches by machine, laying the pipes, bedding and surrounding them with granular material and then backfilling the trench.

100mm Drainage Pipe

500mm deep drainage pipe - £ 40 

750mm deep drainage pipe - £ 45  

1000mm deep drainage pipe - £ 50  

1500mm deep drainage pipe - £ 55  

150mm Drainage Pipe

500mm deep drainage pipe - £ 50 

750mm deep drainage pipe - £ 55  

1000mm deep drainage pipe - £ 60  

1500mm deep drainage pipe - £ 65  


For brick manholes the following costs could be used.

1000mm deep manhole  -  £ 700
1250mm deep manhole -   £ 900
1500mm deep manhole -   £ 1,100

Extending Drainage

Q - We are going to extend the drainage to our house and the pipes will bedded and surrounded with granular stone. How do we calculate how much stone to order for this work?

A - Here is a list that shows the cubic metres required for different size diameter pipes.

New Drains

Q - The local council wants to test the drains in our new house but the drainage contractor says that he wants paying for this. Is it our responsibility and what are the costs involved?

A - It depends on what was agreed before the work started. If the question of testing wasn't discussed before the work started it may be it quicker just to pay up. It should cost about £2.50 per linear metre for 100mm pipes and £3.00 for 150mm pipes.


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