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Finishing the Garden of a Self Build Home

Q - Could you please advise me of a reasonable quotation per square metre for block paving. I have a lump sum quotation to supply and lay ‘Plaspave' Sorrento blocks 60mm thick including taking up an existing drive, 300mm deep excavation, laying a stone base blinded with sand and treated with a stabilising solution. Also what questions should I ask the contractor?

A - For carrying out the work you describe, you should expect to pay between £50 and £60 per square metre based on the setts costing £22 per square metre. You should ask the contractor his starting and completion dates and payment arrangements. Also ask him where you could look at his other recent work.

Q - We have just moved into a house that has a large garden and are we considering planting some trees. What are the costs involved?

A - The cost of trees is usually determined by how old they are and range from light standard to extra heavy standard with a trunk girth range of between 6cm and 16cm. The type of tree also affect the price so it is difficult to provide accurate cost information.

Take a sample of your soil to a tree nursery and ask for their advice. You should also be aware that oak, poplar and willow trees can grow to a height of between 25 and 30 metres and should not be planted within 40 metres of a house

Q - We have completed our self build within budget and have some money left over. Could you give us an idea of landscaping costs including trees and are there any rules on how close to the house you can plant trees?

A - Here are some approximate costs that a landscaping firm would charge.

The main danger of planting trees too close to a house is that it increases the risk of subsidence when the trees reach maturity. The trees most likely to cause damage are the oak and willow and they should never be planted within 35 metres of a house. Even trees that pose the least danger (holly, magnolia and birch) need to be at least 12 metres distance away from a dwelling.

Q - We can't decide whether to use fencing or brick walling. What are the comparative costs for each.

A - The following approximate costs are per linear metre and include the cost of the excavation and foundations.

Chainlink fencing on concrete posts

Close boarded timber fencing

Half brick thick wall in facings

One brick thick wall in facings


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