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House Survey Problems

Q - We are considering buying a house but the survey shows that about eight metres of the foundations to the rear wall are suspect and need underpinning. Could you give us a ballpark figure for this work so that we can deduct it from the asking price?

A - You should expect to pay about £700 to £900 per linear metre for underpinning a house wall in normal conditions but this figure could be higher if the ground conditions are poor. This is highly specialised work and you should contact a firm experienced in underpinning.

Q - Part of our mortgage offer is that we have to re-point the external face of the brickwork within twelve months of moving in. Could you give us an idea of the costs involved for this kind of work?

A - Re-pointing is labour intensive work and is expensive. I would allow between £18 and £20 per square metre for labour and materials.

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