Roof Costs

Price of Getting a New Roof

Q- We would like to build a room on top of our flat-roofed garage. Is this possible and how much would it cost?

A - You will need professional advice on whether it is possible to carry out this work - talk to your local building inspectors about it. If it can go ahead and the foundations do not need strengthening you could would expect to pay about £800 m2 if there are no complications involved.

Q - We are going to put a new roof on our house. We have accepted a quotation from a roofing contractor and he is due to start work shortly but he now tells us that he has only included for laying slates to the new roof and he has made no allowance for taking off the existing slates and felt. He has shown us the build up of his quotation and this would appear to be the case. How much should we be expected to pay for this extra work?

A - You should allow for between £8 and £10 for taking down the existing slates, felt and battens and this figure includes for the hire of skips to take the material off site. But it maybe that some of the slates are re-usable and there is a market for second hand roofing materials in a decent condition. Look in Yellow Pages for Architectural Antiques or similar and ask their advice.

New Roof Thatched Cottage

Q - We are considering buying a run-down cottage that has a thatched roof in a very poor condition. How much should we allow for a new roof and where can we find a reputable firm to carry out the work?

A - Thatching can cost up to £200 per square metre of the sloping roof area but the cost can vary considerably depending upon the location of the work, the type of reed used and

More Roofing Questions

Q - I need some advice on roof tiling costs. I am building a five-bedroom house; the roof is 250m2 in surface area and is L shaped and hipped. I have had a quote for the roof tiling on a supply and fix basis, including breathable felt, battens and Imery pantiles. The quote is £3,200 for materials and £3,200 for labour, with an estimated two weeks to complete. Is that reasonable?

A - £6,400 divided by 250 equates to £25.60 per square metre and this is a fair rate. Other pantiles ranging from £750 to £1,200 per 1,000 and should cost between £24 and £30 per square metre laid so unless Imery tiles cost a lot more per thousand your quote sounds reasonable. All these figure include felt and battens.the size of the roof. Type ‘The National Society of Master Thatchers Association' into Google and you will find a wealth of information on thatching and thatchers there.

 Q- Instead of building a large extension, I would like to raise the roof on my house to provide an extra storey.. The overall size is approximately 40 x 30 feet. What sort of costs would be involved for this work?

A - I would budget for about £60k to £70k but you should talk to a couple of builders for more accurate figures. But first you must contact your local planners for their views.

Q - I have to choose between clay and concrete tiles for our re-roofing project. The roofer is suggesting concrete tiles on cost grounds but I would prefer clay. What should I expect to pay per square metre (laid) for machine-made clay tiles and concrete tiles. I am told that there are about 65 tiles per metre for the roof based on a standard plain tile.

A - Comparing the cost of concrete and clay tiles is not straightforward because of the wide variation in the cost per thousand! For 65 tiles per square metre the size of the tiles will be 265 x 165mm. Based on a cost of £350 per 1,000 tiles, you should be paying about £50 per square metre for supplying and laying the tiles including battens and felt.

Q - We would like to re-slate our roof by replacing our asbestos slates with real ones. Can you give a guide to the labour price for removal and replacing the slates?

A - The cost of taking off your existing slates and replacing them with new felt, battens and Blue Welsh slates would be approximately £90 per square metre. But you could lay fibre cement slates (asbestos-free) that have a very similar appearance to Welsh Blue for about half that figure.

Q - How much are attic trusses? I am looking for a 30 feet attic truss with a one foot overhang.

A- You need to get a quotation from a roof truss manufacturer. Try Yellow Pages or Google but would I expect to pay about £200 for each truss each plus VAT.

Q - We have just had a survey done on a house we intend buying but it showed that there was extensive damage to the sarking felt beneath the roof tiles. Can you tell me if this is serious and how much would it cost to put right?

A - Sarking or roofing felt is intended to act as an extra protective layer in case any rainwater seeps through the slates or tiles. It can only be put right by removing the tiles, laying new felt and relaying the tiles and it will probably involve laying new softwood battens as well. This work would probably cost between £15 and £18 per square metre so you should reduce your offer by the appropriate sum or ask the vendor to carry out the work before the sale. Ask a couple of roofing contractors for a more accurate figure.





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