Delivery Charges

Prices and charges for online shopping from well known stores

Delivery Charges - Prices and charges for online shopping from well known stores

UK Delivery Costs: Disclaimer
Category Description Price Info
Tesco Online All delivery of supermarket goods £5.00 Shop
Sainsburys Online All delivery of supermarket goods £5.00
ASDA Online All delivery of supermarket goods £4.25
Argos Order under £125 £3.95
Argos  Order over £125 £FREE
ScrewFix Order under £45 £5.95 Shop
ScrewFix Order over £45 £FREE Shop
Currys Small Items £5.99 Shop
Currys  Large Items (e.g cooker) £16.99 Shop
Currys Massive Items (e.g 30in TV) £29.99 Shop
Boots Order under £40 £3.50 Shop
Boots  Order over £40 £FREE Shop
Oddbins Drinks delivery £4.99-6.99
Co-op Electrical store Most delivery items £14.99 Shop
Debenhams Most delivery items £3.50 Shop
John Lewis Most delivery items £3.50 Shop
Dell All computers £FREE Shop
Dixons Small Items £5.99 Shop
Dixons PC's and Laptops £14.99 Shop
DixonsTV's £14.99 Shop
GetMapping Aerial Photography £5.50 Shop

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"why dont all the supermarkets follow icelands example, and have free delivery on orders over £25. If iceland can manage i am sure the big supermarkets can afford so too."

k. eastick

"Sainsbury groceries are delivered free if you spend over a large ammount - approx £100 and you select the right delivery day - see website for dates, usually not friday or saturday "

happy shopper

"we were charged £65 by our local Currys store,(6 miles),to deliver our fridge freezer on 26/12/08"

Maria Bond

"If I could recoup delivery charges by saving money on special offers which I would have otherwise not bought,like two for one etc. I might be inclined to make more use of this service."

"Tesco have altered their delivery chages for groceries .They vary from ?6.50 to ?3.75 depending on the time slot .Sneaked that one in didn't they ? "

Stuart B