Clear Braces

Clear Braces offer tooth correction without the embarrassment

Who does not want to look good? And a beautiful smile definitely helps to add to your charms. But in spite of our best efforts to maintain regular oral care and hygiene we can end up suffering from dental problems like toothaches, bleeding gums, misaligned teeth, chipped tooth, discoloration and so on. At times these problems arise due to our negligence through substance abuse such as nicotine and caffeine, consuming extreme temperature edibles like an ice-cream or hot soup and lack of a regular oral care routine. However at times dental problems arise due to a result of accidents or disease or some in-born deficiency. Competent dentists help us treat and cure many of these problems effectively and the modern day advancements have made this task even easier. Application of braces has been one such common method of treatment to rectify the alignment of teeth and clear braces are the latest addition to this form of treatment.

Many of the children and adolescents are seen wearing regular metal braces and are relieved when they can finally remove them once the treatment is over. The level of embarrassment increases by manifolds in case an adult needs to wear braces to rectify the alignment and structure of their teeth. Clear braces offer a great relief from this embarrassment and have become very popular with especially the adults who are required to wear braces. Clear braces or invisible braces are made of clear aligners that are custom molded to fit you and being created out of transparent composite material they are almost invisible. It is difficult to spot people wearing clear braces and hence this raises the level of confidence of the wearer by leaps and bounds. Clear braces offer the double advantage of improving your smile due to the braces supporting your teeth and positioning them in the right place and being invisible and difficult to spot.


Looking after Clear Braces

Clear braces, however, require a higher level of maintenance than the regular wired metal braces. The clear braces need to be removed everytime the user wants to eat any kind of food. The invisible aligners may need to be changed at regular intervals and the frequent removal makes the process of teeth rectification even more time consuming. A regular check up with your dentist becomes an essential criterion for the treatment to be successful. The bands used in clear braces are made of a softer quality than the regular metal braces and this offers a more comfortable feeling by doing away with the irritation caused by the metal bands. This is another reason why customers are getting more and more inclined towards Invisalign clear braces. The clear braces also offer other advantages like easier cleaning of the braces than the regular ones as there are no metal wires and bands to trap the food.

Clear Braces and Dental Care

Clear braces with its many advantages and some added preventive measures have managed to reduce the fear and hesitant approach that most people have towards orthodontist. Adding a regular routine of oral health care to your daily schedule and the advancements in the field of dentistry with innovations like clear braces will go a long way in preserving that perfect smile.

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