Why I Hate Directories

Alastair Taylor

Automatical Generated Directories

Whatprice don't normally write this sort of article, but I am so incensed by some of the things on the internet that i felt I needed to get it off my chest!

I just hate all the computer generated directories that are rife on the internet at the moment! I am sure you know the ones, I would link to a few to give examples but that would just promote them further!

I'm not talking about the reputable and useful directories, such as DMOZ, Yahoo, and plenty of other smaller ones, I'm talking about the ones that just sponge information off search engine results, package it up into some fancy keyword ridden page (such as and then somehow dont get blacklisted by google for spam.

All the links on these pages are generally rubbish, more often than not they just link to other computer generated directories that link to other directories. There just is no information available from these sites!

All these pages are just created to try to increase a sites google page rank and so trick the search engine into driving more traffic to the money generating site. Sadly this tactic seems to be working and is increasingly frustrating of the average internet user. When a user does a search for 'Conservatories' he/she probably wants to find some impartial information about Conservatories. They do not want to come up with a whole host of directories that refer to themselves and possibly one or two commercial sites that are trying to establish themselves in the Conservatory selling market.

Anyway, enough of my ranting, lets hope that the search engines figure out a good way of removing this menace ASAP.

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