Energy Saving

How to save money on energy heating bills

If your walls and loft aren't properly insulated you could be paying far to much to heat your home. Likewise if you dont have double glazing your heating bill could be paying to heat the outside. This section looks at the cost of installing energy and heat saving items in your home, and shows you how much you could save on your heating bill.

For ideas on how to save energy (and money) See Energy Saving Tips, or read about other Renewable Energies

The table below shows you how much it would cost to install different types of energy saving devices, as well as how much they would save you per year. As you can see most items will pay for themselves in 2-10 years whilst helping the environment from day 1!

For more energy saving ideas see the Greenguide

Energy Saving Ideas: Disclaimer
Energy Saving Idea Energy Saving Description Units Installation Price Cost Saving per year
Loft Insulation 3 Bed Mid Terrace house per house £120 £92
Loft Insulation  3 Bed Semi-Detached House per house £120 £95
Loft Insulation 4/5 Bed Detached House per house £120 £122
Cavity Wall Insultation 3 Bed Mid Terrace house per house £175 £44
Cavity Wall Insultation  3 Bed Semi-Detached House per house £175 £78
Cavity Wall Insultation 4/5 Bed Detached House per house £200 £138
Double Glazing Typical Installation per house Varies £40
Draft Proofing sealing up any gaps in doors and windows per house £100 £15
Hot Water Tank Insulation Jacket per tank £50 £15
Energy Saving Light Bulbs low wattage high brightness per bulb £5 £10 Buy
Solar Panel system Typical Solar panel installation per house £9000 £45 Article
Solar Panel system  Full Solar panel system per house £24,000 £270

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