Wood Pellet Boilers

Why Install a Wood Pellet Boiler?

Woodchip boilers are becoming a viable alternative for heating in housing. A woodchip boiler more costly than conventional boilers at around £11500 each but it does have an advantage of being environmentally friendly and a yearly energy cost lower than that of a conventional boiler. Government funding is available to help with installation costs. If you're thinking of replacing an old oil boiler system woodchip definitely is the best option and worth taking a good look at.

Wood Pellet Boiler Regulations

Before getting a system it is important to check about building regulations, whether you live in a smoke control zone and if you

Types of wood pellet fuel

Logs that require little processing but need time up to three years to season
Pellets are the most convenient form of fuel and there uniformed size and denser energy mean there best for domestic heating systems
Chips aren't as popular for smaller domestic use because of less uniformity.

Woo Pellet Boiler Technology's Available

Stoves that can take pellets and logs are usually used to heat one room.

Log Boilers loaded by hand and need loading one to every three days they will need to be stored in their own boiler roomWood

Wood pellet boilers are fuelled by pellets from a hopper that can hold about 2 days to a week's worth of pellets.  It'll need to be easy access and you'll also need a dry area to store the pellets between deliveries.

Chip boilers aren't very suitable for domestic use because they don't work efficiently at the levels of use of a normal home

Combination boiler can be used to burn  a variety of wood fuels.

Hot water - a wood boiler can be used boil a hot water tank but it's not very energy efficient when the heating is off

Wood Pellet Boiler Maintenance

Boilers and stoves need to be cleaned regularly although some boilers are self cleaning. There are checks that should be done that will be outlined by the installer. A well looked after wood fuel appliance should last 15 years

Wood Pellet Boiler Funding

You can get a renewable heating premium payment of £950 from the government

Advantages of a wood pellet boiler:

Disadvantages of a wood pellet boiler :


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