The world is packed full of ideas and options for entertainment. This section looks at some of the more mainstream entertainment activities and gives a whole host of example prices and ideas for entertaining you and your friends.

From cinema tickets through to beer prices we hope to have all your entertainment options covered, see the table below for our latest Cinema prices.

Cinema Ticket Prices: Disclaimer
company Average Price Units Date Y-m-d
Odeon £8 Weekday - Evening 2010-07-29
Odeon £6 Weekend - Evening 2006-04-21
Showcase £5 Weekend - Evening 2010-11-27
Odeon £5 Weekday - Matinee 2007-07-29
Showcase £5 Weekday - Matinee 2010-10-30

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Entertainment Articles: Disclaimer
Maintitle About the article Date
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