Showcase Cinema Tickets Price Comparison

UK Cinema Ticket Price Comparison

How much we pay to go to the cinema to watch the showcase cinema 'movies' varies for different retailers and what day of the week you go. Typically the films showing in the evening at the weekend or on a bank holiday are the most expensive. Matinees mid-week having the cheapest cinema ticket prices.

We also have a cinema finder which shows you a map of the nearest cinemas to you!

Enjoy the Movie!

Location of Cinema e.g. Nottingham Area
Brand of Cinema e.g. UCI Show Time
Cinema Prices (£'s)
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Cinema TicketCosts: Disclaimer
Brand Weekend Evening Weekend Matinee Weekday Evening Weekday Matinee
Apollo £5.53 £4.98 £5.33 £5.32
Arts Cinema £5.20 - - -
Cineplexx £4.00 - - -
Cineworld £5.48 £4.82 £5.20 £4.77
Curzon £5.00 - - £3.50
Filmworks £4.00 - - -
Movie House £5.01 £4.46 £5.54 £4.10
Odeon £5.69 £5.19 £5.52 £5.26
palace cinema £5.00 - - -
parkway £5.40 - - -
Phoenix £7.00 - £3.00 -
Picturehouse £6.07 £5.67 £5.97 £4.31
plaza £5.00 - - -
Screen £6.34 £5.17 £5.50 £4.69
Showcase £5.58 £5.33 £5.61 £5.18
Theatre Royal £5.00 - - -
UCI £5.61 £4.77 £5.13 £4.79
UGC £5.16 £4.69 £5.09 £4.64
Vue £5.72 £5.02 £5.60 £5.27

 To find a cinema in your area simply browse the map below, start by typing in your town or postcode.

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