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The mobile generation the fast moving world of consumer marketing

When it comes to getting your business on the map, consumer marketing used to seem so simple. The limited options – TV, print, radio or direct mail – offered what seemed like simple and straightforward ways of targeting your product, and getting your brand in the national consciousness. But with the advent of the digital revolution, the consumer marketing landscape had been transformed beyond all recognition, and continues to change, not just every year, but every day. As communication technology has advanced through email, social networking and mobile phones, so too have the ways we can communicate with our customers.

But while this highly technological world might seem intimidating to an outsider, the truth is it has never been easier to reach the people you want to reach and get major, tangible results, than it is today. With consumers not just able to read, hear or see your ad campaigns, but interact with and by your products in the click of a button. One piece of technology more than any other, is the key, with its access to email, the internet and the phone network, and that is mobile phones. Harness the marketing power of the mobile phone, and you can maximize your potential to increase sales.

Perhaps the most straightforward of mobile marketing techniques is based around targeted SMS and MMS campaigns. Mobile messaging enables a business to send messages directly to thousands of consumers in one go, without the cost or paper wastage of a traditional mailer. The great thing about SMS and MMS marketing is that the consumer is much more likely to open and read a text message than spam mail through their letterbox, giving you a greater uptake on your campaigns. Once they do, there is a huge scope for what your campaigns can include.

While the lower character limit of SMS restricts them to shorter messages, this does make them cheaper, but the advent of MMS makes this the preferred route for any serious business. Modern mobile technology enables you to not only include up to 1000 characters of text, but also specially designed graphics and even slideshows. Plus you can include direct hyperlinks to your website to increase product interaction and purchase. All this adds up to a much higher uptake on your investment.

Moreover, SMS and MMS marketing campaigns can be targeted to specific customers that are more likely to be interested in your product, much like targeted email marketing. With a huge percentage of people accessing their email from their mobiles now, email presents another way of interacting with your customers directly, offering the same advantages of SMS and MMS campaigns, and more. Email works as a great platform for consumer interaction, with the scope for content larger than in SMS and MMS campaigns: from data gathering to e-voucher campaigns and click-through ads. With email campaigns based on customers who have opted in to receive the information, you don’t need to worry about spamming, with increased customer response again the end result.

The fact is, with mobile technology direct marketing has never been so easy, but the fast-moving digital world is also a prime target for less scrupulous marketers, so make sure you do it right. At the heart of direct marketing is quality, reliable information. You want to make sure you’re reaching the customers who want your information in the way they want it. The costs of spamming people who’ve opted out can be bigger than you’d think.

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