Caring for the Environment

If you want to go green and help the environment then we have all the information you will (probably) ever need in this section. Whatprice looks at how to reduce your carbon footprint by improving your home efficiency and how to recycle the goods you use. What to cut down on car pollution? Take a look at our fuel efficiency section.

Its not all about cutting pollution however, the environment is there to be enjoyed by one and all, so take a look at our gardening growing tips, how to maintain a good garden environment, and even how to look after your own little eco-system with a pond full of fish!

The Environmental Categories below will take you to more areas of detail, or click on the example pages for some of our more popular topics

Environment Categories Details of Environment Category Example Environment Pricing Page Example Environment Article Page
Garden Maintenance Looking after your garden structures, sheds, ponds, fencing and patios Garden Sheds Building a garden shed
Fuel Efficiency How to improve fuel efficiency, choose energy efficient cars, and alternatives to Petrol Fuel Emission Tax Bands Fuel Efficiency Tips
GardeningGrowing and looking after plants and trees Garden Items Growing Apples Trees
Home Efficiency How to reduce the 'carbon footprint' of your home Energy Saving Installation Costs Energy Saving Tips
RecyclingIdeas and tips on how to recycle more  Guide to Recycling
Ponds and Fishing A collection of Pond and Fishing articles and advice.  Build a Pond
Environmental Forum Join our forum and spread the word on how you are green Buying a New Car How Green are You?

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