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Working with tradesmen
Two new blogs have been started!!! One of us has started a blog on sorting out their garden lawn, whilst the other has decided it is time to buy a house so that they can track (lack of) progress in navigating the housing market. What is more, we have a step by step guide to buying a house, with links to many useful articles.

Building prices


New section! - Before you even think about buying conservatory, check out our conservatory section for some good advice.

Cost Calculator This easy to use, online calculator gives you the rough prices you would expect to pay for a Conservatory

Top building article! - Rising Damp - does it really exist or are you wasting thousands?

Car - Automobile parts and servicing prices

Car prices
For example 'We estimate that replace worn pads and discs at a local garage should cost around £76.'

Car Maintainance - We take a look at some simple things you can do to help look after your car and save you money in the long run

Petrol Prices - A brand new feature on how the price of petrol in the Uk varies

Gardening costs

Gardening - Cost of landscape services to the real price of those DIY gardening jobs

New prices for fencing, both DIY or local tradespeople. Prices vary from £25 per m to £87 per m, make sure you are getting your moneys worth.

Gardening Tips- How to look after your ivy, how to lay turf, how to look after roses, and special lawn tips.

Outdoor parties - Want those outdoor parties all year round, 24/7? The read these articles on outdoor furnitureand patio heaters
Lawn Tips - A new section dedicated to all your lawn needs

Plumbing - Pricing for everything, including the kitchen sink.

Plumbing costs
People can't agree on how much a boiler costs to install, is it £1,000 or £2,000? Find out what you are paying for. See here for details

Electician costs

Electrician - Call out charges, new fuse boxes and wiring prices

New fuse boxes only cost from £220 - £300 when fitted by a qualified electrician, there's no need to pay any more.
TOP SEARCH -The most searched for item on this web-site is 'House Wiring' . To find out how much it costs. Click here
 Household costs
Worried? - If you think you need to install security cameras in your home, try this camera surveillance website
New House - Is the house building standard in the UK hitting rock bottom? Does the shower leak, the door not fit and the toilet smell. Read here for handy tips

New sections - This category has become so large we are splitting it into sub-sections. Click below to visit them.
Household main page
Painting and Decorating
Increase Household security
Household Windows
Delivery Charges for household goods

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